Tears – A short, short story

Good morning all. I hope everyone is well.

Here is a short story where the idea hit me all of a sudden and needed to make note of it. I felt it perfect for my blog and I hope you enjoy.


One hand dabbed at her pale cheek, wiping away a flow of tears, as the other held her phone tight. The woman straightened up, tall and proud and combed fingers through her short dark green hair in an attempt to compose herself. Despite her solemn look, she was a beautiful creature, her lips dark with red lipstick, cheeks blushed with a little colour and her stance stoic, but deep within, that no one could see, she was crumbling. There was little to do to comfort her.

Placing her phone into her pocket and a final wipe of the cheek to remove any stray tears, she smiled, turned and headed towards the shop she would tender, keeping her heartache secret. 


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