Eleonora – A Short Story Review

Good morning to all. I hope that you are all well.

Following on from my Writing Corner yesterday with Candice, she was ever so kind to suggest a short read for me. I have enjoyed the writing of Edgar Allan Poe that I have read and as it was favourite of Candice, I opted for Eleonora. And oh boy, am I glad.

I managed to read this is in a short time, as the words flowed so well, the prose was beautiful and it was so vivid.

The detail that Poe goes into is amazing, and transported to me the place and surroundings the two main characters are based.

It tells the tale of a man and his beautiful love, Eleonora, together and in beautiful surroundings. There are highs and lows, with promises and choices, that kept me on the edge of my seat. Literally.

I have the full collection of stories on my kindle app aswell as book form by Edgar Allan Poe, and highly recommend. I give this short story…

That’s right. 5 Pandas. Top marks.

Hope you enjoyed this short review. 


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