A word (or a few) on Inspiration

Inspiration. Sometimes it is easy come, other times it can awhile before a source hits us. 

I had been lacking in inspiration for awhile and then all of a sudden something hit me. An idea of sorts. Out of nowhere. Why do I think inspiring thoughts come in strange moments? Because you let your mind free from the struggle of the cause and allow it to let it time to breathe. So in this post are my six top things to do to free my mind.

1/ Lose my thought in a film or book.

2/ Going for a walk or for a drive.

3/ Working out

4/ Day to day chores (Washing up/cleaning)

5/ Immersing myself in to in-depth conversations and laughs. 

6/ Podcasts and listening to music

Hope this helps to make you think and give you an insight in to what inspires. 


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