Masked Heroes – A Haiku Story

Good evening folks,

After what has felt like forever I am back to doing something I enjoy, writing Haikus and posting on this blog. 

The last couple of months in my household has been pretty shitty. Car accidents, colds, flu, sickness bugs, and a crazed cat that attacks me, and only me, on the stairs. No one else. Just me. To add insult to injury, Ruby climbs over me to get to the more comfortable and warmer side of bed, where the other human obviously gives better cuddles.

Anyway, enough of the ranting. If you follow me on Twitter, I tweet way too much about my cat as it is. I am here to give you an inside scoop to my latest writing adventure. It’s a few Haikus into one with a longer ending than you would find in a traditional Haiku. Well, if you build walls, there are people that knock them down. Sometimes, that is okay. 

So here it is, a little teaser. I hope you all enjoy it and fingers crossed there will be more blog posts to come in the very near future. Have a great morning/day/evening.


The black cape will burn,
And with flames it will engulf,
Ashes will remain.

In their victory,
Men and women will rejoice,
The children will cry.

In a town beneath,
Left battered, beaten and scarred,
The bodies shall fall.

Rise, the community of Bedlam. The era of the Masked Heroes are behind us. For the end is nigh.

Property of Hyperactive Pandemonium. 


7 thoughts on “Masked Heroes – A Haiku Story

  1. You’re back!! It’s so good to see you back in the game, Al 🙂 Have you recovered all right?
    Never apologise for posting pictures of your cat, I don’t think anyone objects ^-^
    You know I love your haikus, and this one was stunning ❤ I'll look forward to more!

    Liked by 1 person

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