You’re never weird on the internet (Almost) – Panda Review

It seems, novels take me ages to read. They can take anywhere from up to a week to a few months from start to end. Some I don’t even finish.

Memoirs, biographies and similar, take me a couple of weeks total to finish. A good one, a week. An brilliant one 3-4 days. Felicia Day’s memoir – 2 days.

That is how much I was absorbed in her writing, her story, life, ups and downs and ups. It is funny, poignant, charming, nerdy, geeky and full of good humour. 

It was a pleasure to have read this memoir, even though it took over a year to finally convince myself to buy, and I am now glad I savoured the moment. (Truth be told, I kinda regret waiting).

I first came to love her acting in Dr. Horrible and then later in a Town called Eureka. Both tremendous programmes if I may add. She has also done the amazing The Guild, I have even over the last year or so caught up on some Table Top videos on YouTube. 

If you’re a fan of Felicia Day’s or not, it is worth the time and money. Indulge, get absorbed and come out the other side with a smile on your face and determination to match.

I give this book the maximum prize:

5 Pandas.

Happy reading, folks.


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