Decisions…and learning from mistakes.

Where would we be without mistakes? What if everyone was right? You could ascertain that it would be one perfect world. Everyone would be cheerful, roaming around in a state of euphoria, glad that there is no wrong in the world. But, it wouldn’t work.

It would be impossible for everyone to be right. For everyone to be right, they would also have the same thoughts and feelings. There would be no healthy disputes, no making mistakes, and one vital thing of all, no progression.

We all need to make mistakes to progress further, at one time or another we must fail to better ourselves, to become stronger individuals and we must accept that we are human and make mistakes.

I have learnt from my mistakes. Some I have let hold me back, but then realising, it is ludicrous to let them take over my life. From the mistakes I have learnt from the Siblings (things I will change next time around), to ludicrous decisions I make in the Fantasy Football (removing key players who turn out wonderful performances once I let them free) and day to day mistakes and getting things wrong on a professional note and in my personal life.

This post may seem a little bit of a rambling session, and in some ways that is exactly what it is. But also to let others know that it is okay to make mistakes and fail. It helps us to improve. 

This blog post stemmed from a futile moment of frustration that I only remembered recently. In the fantasy premier league football I am apart of, I would get down, annoyed and frustrated by the way I managed the team, the choices I made and being beaten by a few points. It could have easily put a downer on my day. I would start to think about the what ifs? Then one week, I mulled it over and realised I was being ridiculous. It’s meant to be a fun game. Yes I made mistakes, but nothing to beat myself up about. It wasn’t life or death. So I picked myself up, dusted off my clothes and have enjoyed it much more since. Turns out, it can be best not to let it get you down.

Another time, was after I had published The Siblings and was annoyed by a few things I missed and some decisions I made. It had really gotten me down and I chose to ignore writing for some time. And then I took a walk and cleared my mind. I realised that this was my first attempt and that I shouldn’t allow that to define me. There will be lots of opportunity and goals that I wish to complete, and no doubt I will fail at many, but that doesn’t mean I will stop trying. I will just try and make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again.

And nor should you.

Is there anything that you have done recently that has gotten you down? Or in the past? How have you overcome these things? 

Oh, and I wish to leave you on this positive note. It only took until this year to realise, that Seperate was actually spelt, Separate. True story.

Happy reading. 


7 thoughts on “Decisions…and learning from mistakes.

  1. Mistakes are necessary in life! As long as we’re always learning from them and not repeating them! I can’t count all the bad judgments I’ve made in the past, all the missteps I’ve made. But such is life 🙂
    I think the key to not being overwhelmed or to be kept down!
    Very inspirational post! Keep your head up! Siblings was an excellent first endeavour and I know you have many more great stories to offer!

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      1. Honestly, I’ve read a lot of indie books this year and yours was definitely one of my favourites! Most of them have been amazing with only a couple of exceptions. How many people can say that they’ve written, edited and published a book themselves? You’ve done something amazing, Al!

        (.. I dunno, it’s hard not to be biased..)

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