Tender Restoration – A short story

Good afternoon/evening to all.

I know, my posts seem to be getting later and later into the night, but I must admit, posting these at night was the right ambience for horror week.

This is the last post of Horror Week and is the short story promised at the beginning of the week. Mollie provided the ingredients for this on the blog post Horror Week: Pick a story, Mollie.

Well, I was given a word count of 750 – 1000 to complete this and have achieved around 940. However, I feel there is much more to this story that needs to be delved into. Therefore, I will be bringing back Serial Sunday. After this post, it will continue next Sunday and after until the story has been told. Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint.

Have a great rest of the weekend all.

Tender Restoration 

My name is Derick Spencer and I saw it all. The violence, the bloodshed and horror. 

I cannot tell you what I was doing at the factory that night, for not all my actions are legal, but I am never a liar. I saw it go down with my own eyes, concealed behind wooden pallets filled with god knows what. Ornaments and restored furniture I could only presume.

I heard the man’s voice first, echoing throughout the factory as the door slammed behind him. It was smooth, businesslike and impatient.

“Fi, why you call me here?”

It was followed by silence. My heart pounded hard against my chest. I didn’t realise there was anyone else in the building besides me. It had closed up in the last hour and through research, I knew the raven haired bombshell in overalls had always left shortly after. I knew no other way to describe her. Her beauty was concealed beneath the paint spread over her face, the marks left from a day of restoring furniture and antiques. 

A dirty laugh reverberated throughout the factory and warehouse floor, one that sent a tingle down my spine. It was intoxicating. Even though I didn’t see the owner of it, I knew it belong to the raven haired beauty. 

I twisted my body, making sure I made very little sound, knowing the slightest knock or scrape would be heard. I pressed my body as close to the dusty floor as possible, peered over the edge of the balcony of the second floor and had a view of the first floor. Boxes, pallets and odds and sods filled the warehouse floor, pockets of light spraying down from above. 

A good looking gentleman, dressed in jeans and a blazer, stood with his arms folded, looking around to locate the woman he addressed as Fi. 

“I haven’t got all night,” the man stated, his tone agitated and body language accentuating his uneasiness. 

The dirty laugh sounded out again, this time followed by high heels tapping against the concrete floor. 

“Edgar, I called you over an hour ago, what took you so long?” 

The man now had a name and it made the whole scenario that more real. Edgar shifted in his spot, removing his tick rimmed square glasses, cleaning them with the hem of his flannel red shirt and placing them back, his interest in the situation appearing to be waning.

“Fi, I was at work, and still should be. You told me it was an emergency?” 

“It is, Edgar. I needed to see you,” The raven haired bombshell said, revealing herself from behind a container that had been out of my line of view, and leaving me to stare in awe.

The woman looked amazing, her black hair curled down to her shoulders, red lipstick neatly applied across her lips. Her legs were smooth and toned, stockings and suspenders with laced underwear on show and a matching black bra filled out the rest of attire. 

I managed to pull my attention from her to note the reaction of Edgar, and he was left in awe as much as I had been. He shuffled awkwardly on the spot, trying to take his eyes off the beauty but finding the image too hard to resist. I didn’t blame him. 

“That is hardly an emergency, Fi,” Edgar said, averting his eyes from her for the first time. “I told you last time, we can’t be doing this anymore.”

Fi, as an unlikely name as that is, took a few steps forward towards Edgar, hands concealed behind her back, heels clinking against the warehouse floor. 

“What do you think when you have a car behind bumper to bumper, the driver obviously agitated? Do you perceive them as an asshole, or that they have somewhere to be? There emergency could be they are late for a school run. Or it could be they just want to get home after a long day at work, get stuck into a decent book and a long hot bubble bath. An emergency is not a one size fits all. You have no right to question me about that. I needed to see you.”

The bombshell closed in on the man known as Edgar, removed one hand from behind her back and ran it across the man’s lapel. 

“Anyway, Edgar, I have a gift for you.”

The man shot the bombshell a curious look, unaware of what she was implying. Then it flickered and I knew what the gift was. Concealed behind her back, a metal instrument shone in the light. Her delicate movements, appealing lingerie and verbose quality was all a ploy to lure him in. I had no idea of their past, but I didn’t have to be a fortune teller to know what was on the cards. 

As the woman toyed with the jacket, trying to keep the attention of Edgar solely on her eyes, she lifted the metal utensil up from behind her back and held it above the pair as Fi pulled Edgar close to him. 

It was a moment away from being embedded into the man. I had only broken into the warehouse for my own benefit. If I was to be found and with my track record, I would be sent back to jail. I couldn’t risk it.

My heart fluttered. I opened my mouth to shout but it locked up, seeing my future, lifeless in prison, flash across my mind. I had a great life at that moment in time. I had to choose between my future and a man’s mortality. 

Now let me ask you. What would you have done? 


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