Horror Night with Lexi – Fun & Games

Good evening all. I hope you are well. 

To continue on with a week of horror, I have a very special guest on my blog. Lexi Lefevre, who has been on once before on Writing Corner, agreed to come back as she is a horror fan. So without further a do…

Welcome back to my blog, Lexi. It was fun last time, but this time, it is a little extra special as the theme is horror. This will be broken up into sections, the first general questions and then finish off with a few games. To start things off, how is Lexi and how are you finding Autumn in Canada?

The weather change has been messing with my health, as usual. Having a cold is never fun—unless you’re using your ailment to keep people away from your personal space. xD

Other than that, I love autumn. Sweaters, hoodies, pleather jackets, and boots. Crunchy leaves, leafy mountains to jump onto like a lovely bed from nature, and seasonal drinks start coming back. I don’t care for pumpkin spice, but the cooling weather is a reminder that flavours like peppermint mocha will be available soon.

What was the first horror movie you remember watching?

It was either Child’s Play or Poltergeist. Even though I’m a 90s kid, I grew up watching mostly 80s Horror.

Do you have a favourite horror movie?
Not really. I have favourites within its sub-genres, but not any one in general. Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Evil Dead, Final Destination, Poltergeist, Carrie, and Scream are some of them. None of which are the remakes, of course.

We both have a love for the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Out of all the movies you have seen from the collection, what is your favourite scene out of all the movies?

My favourite scene is from the very first movie. Glenn should’ve listened to Nancy, but if he did, we never would’ve gotten that crazy death scene. I don’t care that the amount of blood wasn’t realistic. It. Was. Awesome. Although, the claymation in Dream Warriors is also pretty cool.

If you was an antagonist in your own horror film/book, what would be your choice of weapon? 

The ability to be flawlessly deceptive. I’m such a bad liar. xD I couldn’t even keep a straight face when an old friend wanted me to lie about her social life. BTW, it wasn’t lively as she made it sound. I probably made that obvious when people wanted me to confirm her popularity. Stutters and repressed giggles don’t make a lie effective. Just saying. xD I’d want my literary villain self to be sweet and likable, but also terrifyingly manipulative. Growing up, my sweetness kept people from suspecting me of doing anything wrong. If my friends played an innocent game of keep-away, they often handed me the item—to hide it. Whenever they asked the kid why they never accused me, their response was always along the lines of, “she’s too nice! You guys are d*cks!” When I revealed it was me who had it, they still said, “aww, it’s okay.” I even got hugs. xD The others usually got slapped. Team Lexi shirts, anyone?

We have spoken in the past about Lexi: The Horror Story, a project that I am keeping close to my chest, but if you were to have your way, would you prefer a happy ending, horrific ending or a bitter-suite one? 

It depends on the story and the victims. I’d go with whichever works best.

Can you think of eight songs (including artist) that would fit perfectly into a horror story? (Note: I may pinch these for Lexi: The Horror Story)

 xD It really depends on the story. I’m the kind of person who loves to hear Classical music or something that feels like it’s from a simple yet classy time—during a horrific scene. If people are running away from the antagonist, I’d like to hear something heavier.

“Symphony No. 1” by Johannes Brahms (played by The Cleveland Orchestra with George Szell)

“Symphony No. 12” by Dmitri Shostakovich (played by Orchestra Sinfonica Di Milano Guiseppe Verdi with Oleg Caetani)

“Turangalila-symphonie” by Oliver Messiaen (played by the BBC Philharmonic with Yan Pascal Tortelier)

“The Comedown” by Bring Me The Horizon

“Fist Wrapped in Blood” by Silverstein

That’s only 5. Nothing else is coming to mind. I don’t know enough about this story to pick its music. xD

We have spoken about films, but now let’s move onto books. What is your favourite horror story in book form?

I’m not sure. I’ve been listening to mostly “true” stories written by people on the internet.

Is there any one book/film/poem you have read or watched that you thought, damn, wish I came up with that horror idea?

Nightmare on Elm Street. The thought of not being safe in your dreams is terrifying. It brings a different perspective to dying in your sleep. “It was just a dream” does not apply to Freddy.

Are there any television series in the horror genre that has you gripped right now?

None. I used to be addicted to Supernatural and American Horror Story but I don’t know when and where to watch the former, and refuse to subscribe to FX—just to watch AHS. I do watch Damien, and intend to check out The Exorcist. I missed the pilot.

Your ideal mash up of the Horror Genre, if you could have any setting and any horror icons in the same story as a one time only event?

I’d love to see a standoff between Chucky, Slappy (original), and Michael Myers in a crowded mall. I think it would be hilarious.

Favourite Horror author/screenwriter?

Stephen King. Even his short stories are enjoyable. (I don’t normally read short stories.)

Favourite horror character?

I don’t have a favourite. Wait. Any character? If so, my favourite is one of the good guys: Ash from Evil Dead.

Horror film/series I must watch?

Teeth XD


Jason Voorhees
Freddy Krueger

They’re all terrible!!! The most tolerable one is Chucky, and that’s only ’cause I tower over him. xD Also, he probably doesn’t smell as bad as the others. I’d avoid Jason Voorhees AND Freddy. Chucky’s a doll, so I’d entertain the idea of snogging him if he were properly disinfected. xD

Artist/Band you would want to write the soundtrack to a horror story you had written?

Maybe Amy Lee. Her voice can sound hauntingly beautiful, and her children’s album shows me her songwriting skills are versatile.

Actor & actresses you would love to see in a story that you had written?

There are a bunch. Daniel Radcliffe, Viola Davis, Chloe Grace Moretz, Evan Peters, Troian Bellisario, Jamie Blackley, Drew Van Acker, and my boyfriend. He’s brilliant. I’m not just saying that because I love him.

And last but not least:

Most horrifying word in the English Language?

(Remember Stoled is void, as is bae – I must go wash my mouth out)

There’s more than one. Mostly improper words and hate speech. Also, BAE. Pfft. Rebel.


Film knowledge: (no cheating) 😉

Which singer appeared Freddy’s Dead: The final Nightmare as Freddy Krueger’s dad?

I don’t know. I might have watched it in kindergarten. I only remember a bunch of older Horror movies because I rewatched them more recently. Even then, it was like watching them for the first time.

It was Alice Cooper (or Vincent Fernier to be precise)

Who wrote the screenplay to Halloween?

I know this! It’s floating around in my brain, but I can’t catch it. Unblur that screen, memory! I think it’s John Carpenter. 

Correct – He co-wrote it with Debra Hill

Who played James Sandin in The Purge?

Ethan Hawke


In Urban Legend, which TV series theme blasted out in the car when Damon Brooks cranked up the radio?

I’m going to go with Friends or Dawson’s Creek. I don’t remember most of that movie.

Yes, it was Dawson’s Creek.

Where was American Mary filmed?

I haven’t watched American Mary.

I asked for only one reason. Vancouver, CANADA XD

Tag lines: (Guess the films the taglines belong to. No cheating, if you don’t know, guess)

“Winner kills all.”

Freddy Vs. Jason


“If Nancy doesn’t wake up screaming, she won’t wake up at all…”

Nightmare on Elm Street


“…and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own!”

No idea.

The Birds 😉 

“The night HE came home.”



“Man is the warmest place to hide.”

If the last one isn’t from Killer Condom, they lost their chance. xD Just looked it up. I haven’t really watched The Thing. I saw bits of it on TV.

Haha that cracked me up. They should have totally used it for Killer Condom!!


Make new tag lines: (these are real film titles that I found rather amusing, and thought of you. Make up a new tag line for these films and then I will share what the actual tag line was)

The Blob –

“Run for your lives! It’s The Blob!”

Actual – Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor.

Killer Condom –

“You won’t need a latex allergy for this to eat you alive.”

Actual – The rubber that rubs you out.

Frankenhooker –

“When a bride isn’t enough, even animated corpses try to buy love.”

Actual – A Terrifying Tale Of Sluts And Bolts

Donkey Punch – 

“It really knocks you out.”

Actual – This party is going overboard

Monsturd – 

“A creature so terrifying, it comes from the murky depths of your bowels.”

Actual – Don’t get caught with your pants down.


Next are a few film Posters that I have edited. Can you guess the film? 

The Eye. Final Destination 4. Amityville Horror. Prom Night. The Skeleton Key. Smiley. Woo!! I think I got all those right.


Thank you to Lexi for taking the time in answering the questions and thanks to everyone for reading. Keep an eye out for the next post, where Mollie’s story comes to life. For now, take care. 


Horror Week: A list of 5…

Good evening all. My posts seem to be getting later and later.

Today’s post, to continue with the theme of Horror, I will be listing 5 random things relating to the genre.

Let’s get started…

1. A film called…Killer Clowns from outer space 

That is right. I am not making this up. I recommended you check this out, even if it’s just for the laughs.

2. A nightmare on Elm street 3 – Favourite scene

One of my favourite scenes in the Freddy Krueger franchise is in the third film where Freddy kills his victim by using his veins as a puppet, guiding him through the halls at night, subsequently out of a window and landing several floors to the ground.

3. The Grudge – US Rehash

I have never seen the original, but when I sat through this film, I wanted the horror(the film itself) to end. There was nothing about it that I found interesting.

4. Katharine Isabelle

Appears in many horror films. I think she is an awesome actress, easy on the eye and can play as a crazy girl very well. Some of her films include Freddy V Jason, American Mary and See No Evil 2.

See No Evil 2

American Mary

5. Stephen King

I think his name says it all. But the book that has stuck with me the most is The Shining, I read it at the lows of the winter, with snow mounting outside the house, the boiler not working too well and filled up with cold. It was the perfect ambience to read such a chilling story and will forever haunt me. I cannot wait til I read it again.

Thank you very much for reading. Tomorrow I am excited to announce that I have a special guest on the blog taking questions and answering a quiz. It should be fun. Until next time all, take care.

Horror Tale: Tasteful Revenge

Good afternoon.
This post is later than I usually plan to publish them, but was unsure what the post would be today, until I listened to a song and heard a few words that inspired my short story. The words that I heard were, “….in a short black dress.”

This then came with questions. Where was this woman? What were her intentions? Was she the victim of the assailant? 

These questions had answers and led to this short tale. I managed to write this up on my phone with little editing, but the idea has stuck with me, so who knows if there is a feature length horror story in me. Please let me know what you think.

*On a side note, beware of the barrage of likes and comments on the blogs that I follow as I will be catching up in the next couple of days. 

Tasteful Revenge

Faye walked along the halls in a silky black dress, the hem swaying over her thighs as her curves danced in the moonlight. The sound of her heels echoed throughout, the arched stained glass windows offering enough light to focus on the wooden door in front of her. The round metal door knob was cool to touch, and with a quick glance over her shoulder, she pushed the door open and snuck in with a delicate grace.

The room was how she had left it; cool, dimly lit and deathly. The light source came from a lamp on a wooden desk in the corner of the room, illuminating the concrete walls and the wooden floorboards that ran the length of the room. At the centre of the room, a wooden chair was placed with Jacob Bligh sitting tight. 

Faye rested against the door and regarded him as she bit her lip. The beautiful smile he charmed her with had been covered with a ball gag and rope, the short silver locks that suited him so well had been shorn to reveal a scarred scalp. Jacob’s expensive suit was removed, left to soak in the blood from the cuts over his chest, the tin bucket with the contents in the corner of the room. Faye had protected his modesty and allowed him to continue to wear his underwear. 

Faye moved toward the limp and disoriented Jacob, straddled him and ran her fingers along the rope that tied him to the chair. His head jerked back, eyes open with the only response being a vacant stare. Faye brushed up against him, feeling the bulge beneath his underwear brush against her laced panties, the power she held arousing her. 

“Once the drug wears off, dear Jakey, we will have some fun,” Faye whispered to him, her mouth close to his ear. “But first, I must punish you, for being such a naughty little liar.” 

Faye dabbed him on the nose as if playfully reprimanding a child, then reached down in to the duffel bag that was left open by the side of the chair, pulled out a small hammer and two nails. She danced it in front of his eyes and laughed, the maniacal sound echoing around the room. Delicately, Faye placed a nail at the centre of the back of his hand, rested the head of the hammer against the nail and with one swift motion, pounded it into his skin.

Jacob jerked back, a scream muffled by the gag in his mouth, as the nail plunged into his hand and into the cheap wooden arm of the chair. Faye laughed once more, the sound of his distress a pleasure to her ears. She always loved to punish her victims in such a manner, but Jacob was a very special man. He was the love of her life, the man every women in the office block desired. It would be the last time such a man lied to her, breaking her heart in such a cruel fashion, leaving her in the rain as he drank the night away with his friends. Women like Faye was never one to tolerate being stood up. The emotional pain came flooding back, Faye screaming at the thought, placing the nail on the opposite hand and pounding it hard into his flesh. 

Jacob screamed once more, followed by the laugh of Faye and the sound of the hammer dropping to the floor. 

The night had just started, and Faye was looking forward to the main course.

Walking Death – A Haiku Tale

Good afternoon, and welcome to day two of the week of horror.

This post is later than expected but I managed to get there in the end. I am a huge fan of Haiku’s and felt fitting to add one here during the week. It’s a mixture of three haikus to describe a horror scene.

Well, I hope that it doesn’t disappoint.

Have a good day everyone.

Walking Death 

Ghostly pale skin,
Her eyes soulless and bloodshot,
Heartless and withdrawn.

Blood dripped to the floor,
A blade piercing her sternum,
Her footsteps staggered.

Walking to her death,
All hope drained from her being,
Quiet filled the night

Horror Week: Pick a story, Mollie.

Good morning all, and welcome to Horror Week, here on HyperactivePandemonium blog.

This blog has been quiet for some time and thought it needed a little wake up call. Last week, I conducted a vote on Twitter for the theme of the week and the results came in: Horror. I am rather fond of the genre myself so look forward to what I can concoct for you this week.

I look forward to immersing myself back into the blogging world, reading the delightful blogs of those that I follow and more, along with posting Horror themed posts all this week. 

To kick things off, I invited a friend from the Twitter & blogging world over to discuss a little of her horror interests along with choosing the ingredients for a short story I will be posting on Saturday.

That guest, is none other, than Mollie Musings own, Mollie


What was the first horror film you ever watched?

I think, like almost everyone in their early 30’s, my first experience with a horror film was Stephen King’s It at the ripe old age of 5. I didn’t watch the whole thing because I was supposed to be in bed but snuck watched a good portion of it from the doorway. Needless to say I am still traumatized. But the first horror film I ever watched all the way through was The Lost Boys. Imagine my 7yo surprise upon realizing it had nothing to do with Peter Pan. 

Favourite sub-genre?

I’d say it’s a toss up between psychological and supernatural. I love a good mind-bending, WTF inducing, nail biting psychological thriller. The kind that gets into your brain and stays with you long after you’ve finished watching. I also am a sucker for hauntings, possessions, evil curses—probably because there’s a part of me that totally believes in ghosts and things that go bump in the night. 

When watching a scary movie, are you a scaredy cat and hide behind pillows or embrace the horror?

I totally embrace the horror!!…behind a blanket or pillow…with the lights on :p I do watch scary movies with the lights off if I’m watching it with someone else, as long as they’ll put up with muffled squeals, intermittent arm grabs and my use of them as a human shield 😉 Okay, I guess this makes me a scaredy cat. 

Would you ever write a horror story?

I’m currently writing a love story, doesn’t that count? :p But seriously, I would love to write one if I could come up with a good enough story. Or it might be fun to cowrite a horror story with someone in case I get scared 😉

Favourite horror story: (Any age)

Dracula will forever be one of my favorite horror stories. I reread it almost every October. The Shining even though it freaked me out and I had to store it in the bottom of my dresser drawer for months after reading it. Thomas Harris’s books starring Hannibal Lecter are amazing and well crafted. 


Title: Tender Restoration

Genre: Horror

: Psychological
Setting: Hardware store

Where: a small town in Georgia

When: present day


: Fiona Hopkins

Age: mid 30s

Gender: F

Race: White

Appearance: a raven-haired bombshell in overalls

Strengths: smart, cunning, her laugh, handy with tools

Weakness: temper, needy

Weapon of choice: suspenders, furniture polish

Likes: restoring antiques, organization, handsome men, 

Dislikes: dishonesty, alcohol, other women

Protagonist: Edgar Martin

Age: mid 30s

Gender: M

Race: White

Appearance: good looking academic type

Strengths: his smile, smart, witty

Weakness: somewhat naive, too flirtatious, impaitent

Likes: researching ancient rituals, watching old movies, basketball

Dislikes: rudeness, people who are overbearing, tomatoes 
Word count: 750-1000

I look forward to writing the story to the details Mollie provided.

Everyone have a great day!