Siblings Two – An Excerpt 

Good morning. 

I hope that you are all well and looking forward to a fun filled bank holiday weekend. Unfortunately my day revolves around work but hope to enjoy the Sunday and Monday off.

I have been working on a couple of projects recently, one being the sequel to The Siblings. So I thought I would reveal a short excerpt with you. Please note that this isn’t the finished work and will still need to be put through the editing process.

If you haven’t read the first, please check out it on Amazon via the links provided. 



I hope you enjoy the short teaser and gives you  a little taster of what is to come. Please let me know what you think. 

The air was thick and pungent, the smell of death lingered. Broken glass cracked beneath heavy boots as the troops located their positions. The sky was orange and fierce but the firestorms had ceased for the last two weeks. There had been no sign of any solar flare or storm on the horizon and many now believed the world had righted itself but few would dare venture out even on request.

The Operation had solidified in the two weeks since the invasion, gaining strength and motivation for engaging phase two of their plan. An order had been served to all militants that despite the apparent reduction in solar activity, no being must leave the grounds except in the case of a mission sanctioned by the board. 

Band 261, the military outfit sanctioned for the sweep of the neighbouring village several miles from the Pit, held strong. There were seven in total, three flanking and four leading. The village had crumbled and very little but rubble remained. The buildings that did stand were slanted and missing much of the framework. The air was still and the only sound that emitted were from the soldiers themselves, leaving the village with an eerie presence. 

Private Seymond Starr was the least skilled militant and was sectioned at the rear of the group. He felt uncomfortable brandishing a weapon but did so anyway. If he did not, his brothers would disown him, and the last thing he wanted was for his legacy to show how much of a coward he was. 

Starr gripped his assault rifle and held his breath, waiting for indication to proceed. It seemed like a futile mission the Operation had sent them on, but they were not taking any further risks. There had been whispers of survivors throughout the land and they would uncover them by any means necessary. 

In the distance, the last remaining lamp post creaked, startling the group. They looked on with bated breath as the post tilted and swayed, letting out one final sigh of bereavement as it collapsed to the floor. The ground shook and the sound of metal against concrete shrieked through the area. All members of the group covered their ears and winced. No man was stronger than the other, they all feared for what lurked in the desolate village. The soldiers at the front regrouped and whispered between them, their voices travelling in the quiet.

Starr looked back at the route they had ventured and saw nothing but a wasteland and their beaten up vehicle standing lonesome. A chill ran through the village and a ghostly whisper filled the air. Private Starr’s spine tingled with fear.


8 thoughts on “Siblings Two – An Excerpt 

  1. I read this a while ago but apparently my comment did not post 😦 i loved this teaser! Immediately, I was transported back into the world of The Siblings. You have such a talent for creating the perfect atmosphere and tone. Absolutely brilliant! Can’t wait for more 😀

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