Writing Corner with C.E.L Stefani

Good morning all. This week I had the privilege of talking with C.E.L Stefani from California, where we spoke about her forthcoming novel The Lucin Stone, Bear and other little treats. 

I had a fantastic time going through the questions and answers and hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you for joining me on Writing Corner, how are you? What is the weather like with you?

Hello! Thank you for having me. I’m doing great, although I’m a bit nervous about sending my manuscript to beta readers soon. The weather is very hot. Triple digits (Over 37 degrees celsius). I hate it.

You have a book on the horizon called The Lucin Stone, could you tell us about it?

Oh boy! Where should I start. My story is complicated, so it’s always difficult to explain. It’s an adult epic/high fantasy book with several POVs and the first in the series. It has a little bit of everything; action, adventure, romance, abilities, and mystery.

The first book mostly takes place in Odinaty, a kingdom of towheaded Naharian’s, who think they’re better than any other Naharian race, especially those with dark hair. There are quite a few surprises, small hints, and shocking twists.
I’ll just post the blurb because it’s easier:

In the kingdom of Odinaty lives a thriving race of Naharians with special abilities and longevity. For centuries they considered themselves pure—better than any of their kind. But the impending future may put a stop to their perfect world.

King Cassius Noor is tasked to find the mysterious Lucin Stone and deliver it to an unknown village—but it may be more of a burden than he imagined. Three of his knights join him on a perilous journey across a continent, where they encounter enemies and allies, while questioning the stones true purpose. Will the burden be worth the risk of their own lives?

Archknight Oziah Oliendur is assigned to find the traitor who allowed the enemy of the north inside the castle. He is forced to put his trust in those who may be the one he is after. Will his choices put the kingdom in jeopardy or will it work out as he had anticipated?

Princess Valinia Noor is an outcast in her kingdom—hated because she resembles the enemy. When she reads an ancient diary written by the most evil prince in history, everything she had been taught may be a lie. Her life takes a drastic turn when she meets an intriguing young man of the north, but can he be trusted?

Where did the idea for the story come from and what pushed you to write it?

It came to me in a dream in 2012. Yes, I know a dream. Don’t laugh. I always write down my dreams that are interesting, so I can maybe use them for a story idea later. As I was brainstorming ideas from my dream entry, I made a few characters and came up with a few ideas. I just wrote for fun. Then early 2015 I decided I was going to write this book and finish it. I’m almost there!

Could you tell us about one character in particular?

This is extremely difficult because I have over 70 characters in the first book alone. I’ve already given some details about my character Alsar on my blog.

I’ll talk a bit about the archknight Oziah.

He’s the youngest Naharian in history to become archknight. His loyalty to the king and work is very important to him and are always put first. One thing he refuses to talk about is his dark past. He plays a major role in The Lucin Stone. My first beta reader said she has a major crush on him, and she wouldn’t stop talking about him.

When are you hoping The Lucin Stone to be released?

I’m hoping it will come out early next year.
How long do you spend on writing a day?
It depends on my mood and whether I have time or not. I don’t exactly time myself because I usually write in bursts throughout the day. I’m rather busy.

What do you find the hardest part of a writer’s life?

I think the hardest part of it is promoting. There are so many other writers and it is so hard to get your name and book out there.

What was the first story you wrote?

I’m certain I wrote stories in elementary school, but I can’t remember. The most recent I can recall was when I wrote about how my dog and I got chased by a skunk-true story. I had to pick a topic for school and I had no idea what to write about because my life is so boring. It fit the requirements so I went for it.

What genres are you most interested in?

Fantasy and fantasy with a romance subplot if done right. As well as mystery.

Can you tell 
us what a normal writing day is like for you?

I usually write at night time, when it’s quiet. A lot of times I really want to write throughout the day so I take my tablet around with me. I jot a few things down here and there. Now that I’m in the editing/beta reading phase I’m just reading over my manuscript like a normal reader, and fixing anything I notice that is wrong. I don’t drink coffee or do any sort of thing to get me ready or in the mood to write, I just do it.

Are you able to share a line that you are most proud of?

This is a bit hard because a lot of the ones I’m proud of are spoilers. So, I just picked one that popped into my head.

“We train day and night and give our lives away to defend this kingdom! Is that not enough to get the respect we deserve?”

You speak a lot about Bear on your blog, can you tell us about Bear?

Of course! Bear is my Chocolate Labrador who is three years old. He is very big, loveable, and sweet. A beary handsome Bear. He is almost always happy and puts a smile on my face every time! I love him so much and couldn’t imagine life without him.

What or who inspires you the most?

Seeing other writer’s work so hard and encourage others is what really inspires me to do the same.

What was the first book that you read that made your heart beat with excitement and left you on edge?

This is a hard one for me. I enjoy reading very much, but I can’t even remember. My older books are miles away from me.

Is there any one writer that you can think of that you see has released a new book that you must buy?

Yours. 😀 I’m not sucking up. I was planning on getting it next. I swear.

Five words to sell your book?

Unpredictable, Shocking, Abilities, Betrayal, Love

Do you have more projects in the pipeline?

Except for the rest of the series for my fantasy book (which may be 4-5 books), I have two projects I worked on a decent amount. They still need quite a bit of work and I’m not exactly sure if I can make them as good as I think my fantasy book is. I’ll probably work on them after I finish my fantasy series, which will be quite a long time.

Where do we find out about C.E.L. Stefani?


This next section I like to call World without words or life without love? I Would like to ask you random questions and for you to answer with the first thing that pops into your head.

Favourite word?

Bear-I’m not joking this popped into my head. Though I do say it quite a lot. Lol.

Favourite food?


Favourite game?

The Last of Us

Gaming or writing?

Gaming-It would be truly be hard to choose, but gaming popped in my head first.

Last thing that you bought?

Dog food

One book that I must read this year?

Ermm…my mind went blank.

Frodo or Sam?


Pippin or Merry?


Last thing that you drew?

My scary spirit lady! She’s awesome!

Favourite writing spot?

My bedroom

Hug or handshake?


If The Lucin Stone, were a film who would star?

This one is super exciting for me because I found a few people who happen to look like or very similar to how I imagined my characters. Yes, it just happened. I didn’t base them off of them. I’m not very familiar with celebrities.

Alrin – Garrett Hedlund

Alsar – Jared Leto

Artakin – Zak Henri

Baust – Charlie Kennedy (A model but he looks like him.)

Borisis – Johnny Harrington (Yet another model but he looks pretty close to him.)

Cerelian – Chris Salvatore

Frey – Katie Cassidy (I based Frey’s appearance off of Ruby from Supernatural because I really thought her look fits my character’s personality. It’s the only character I’ve based off of someone.)

Ily – Morgan Nagler

Iviel – Alex Pettyfer

Oziah – Guy Pierce (young)

Rithia – Dove Cameron

Roitheus (Roik) – Brendan Gleeson (I saw K.J. Chapman already had this one on her writing corner. No! He’s my character. Lol).

And finally, 

World without words or life without love?

It’s hard to image the world without either. A world without words. Love can still be expressed even without words. Bear doesn’t need to speak to show his love, nor do I. 😀

I would love to thank C.E.L Stefani again for a fun experience. 


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