Gothic Tendencies

Good Sunday all.

For the last month, I have embraced ideas to which I have neglected in the past. I have always enjoyed Edgar Allen Poe, the architectural genius of gothic buildings in Italy and Spain and the horrors of the film world. 

I’ve had close family members, distant relatives and friends worry about my creations and enjoyment of such sick and twisted nature that I allow myself to endure in fiction. Don’t let me get started on the rah rah music. 

But to be honest, when I am awake the majority of the night (be it through horrific nightmares, overactive mind) I find myself picking lift hearted songs and the comedic abilities of performers such as James Corden, Graham Norton, Michael McIntyre and Jack Whitehall to name just a few. Other times I am reading factual books which cover thinking processes and personality traits. My mind is not always focused on the dark, twisted and beautiful.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is what lures me in to the gothic nature of fiction. It is dark, it is the Unknown but it is also beautiful. 

In this beauty I have found a muse. I have came up with screenwriting ideas, short stories and poems that I have never imagined before. When I have made notes for some of these plots, I have felt energised. When I go for walks I am lost in the ideas. I am excited for the next step in my journey as a writer. 

But fear not folks, I am not the the sadistic villains you will see appearing in my stories or the sardonic anti hero who is repulsed by the human instincts of the world.

I am a loving, idiotic, cat tweeting fool I will no doubt always be but the truth to the matter is…we are not what we write. We just have an amazing imagination that for some is hard to comprehend. Never let people sway you for the who you are and what you can achieve. 

I am off now to paint my nails pink and watch some comedy….one of those is true! 

Keep it real all! 


13 thoughts on “Gothic Tendencies

  1. This is an excellent post and an all too common problem. Some people will never get it no matter how much we try to explain it. In some ways I feel sad for them because it just shows how closed off their mind and imagination is. Oh well, their loss.
    P.S. I want my nail polish back when you’re done :p

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  2. A fantastic and poignant post! Many people who don’t know how to wield their creativity and imagination find it difficult to fathom how others can. I love exploring the darker sides of life, but my personality is anything but. Thanks for reminding that we aren’t alone. We each have our little quirks, we throw ourselves into the minds of darker figures than we ourselves could ever be, we write murderers when we ourselves could never imagine murdering another human being.
    Never lose those Gothic tendencies! Explore the beauty of the dark. 🙂

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