Writing Corner with C.E.L Stefani

Good morning all. This week I had the privilege of talking with C.E.L Stefani from California, where we spoke about her forthcoming novel The Lucin Stone, Bear and other little treats. 

I had a fantastic time going through the questions and answers and hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you for joining me on Writing Corner, how are you? What is the weather like with you?

Hello! Thank you for having me. I’m doing great, although I’m a bit nervous about sending my manuscript to beta readers soon. The weather is very hot. Triple digits (Over 37 degrees celsius). I hate it.

You have a book on the horizon called The Lucin Stone, could you tell us about it?

Oh boy! Where should I start. My story is complicated, so it’s always difficult to explain. It’s an adult epic/high fantasy book with several POVs and the first in the series. It has a little bit of everything; action, adventure, romance, abilities, and mystery.

The first book mostly takes place in Odinaty, a kingdom of towheaded Naharian’s, who think they’re better than any other Naharian race, especially those with dark hair. There are quite a few surprises, small hints, and shocking twists.
I’ll just post the blurb because it’s easier:

In the kingdom of Odinaty lives a thriving race of Naharians with special abilities and longevity. For centuries they considered themselves pure—better than any of their kind. But the impending future may put a stop to their perfect world.

King Cassius Noor is tasked to find the mysterious Lucin Stone and deliver it to an unknown village—but it may be more of a burden than he imagined. Three of his knights join him on a perilous journey across a continent, where they encounter enemies and allies, while questioning the stones true purpose. Will the burden be worth the risk of their own lives?

Archknight Oziah Oliendur is assigned to find the traitor who allowed the enemy of the north inside the castle. He is forced to put his trust in those who may be the one he is after. Will his choices put the kingdom in jeopardy or will it work out as he had anticipated?

Princess Valinia Noor is an outcast in her kingdom—hated because she resembles the enemy. When she reads an ancient diary written by the most evil prince in history, everything she had been taught may be a lie. Her life takes a drastic turn when she meets an intriguing young man of the north, but can he be trusted?

Where did the idea for the story come from and what pushed you to write it?

It came to me in a dream in 2012. Yes, I know a dream. Don’t laugh. I always write down my dreams that are interesting, so I can maybe use them for a story idea later. As I was brainstorming ideas from my dream entry, I made a few characters and came up with a few ideas. I just wrote for fun. Then early 2015 I decided I was going to write this book and finish it. I’m almost there!

Could you tell us about one character in particular?

This is extremely difficult because I have over 70 characters in the first book alone. I’ve already given some details about my character Alsar on my blog.

I’ll talk a bit about the archknight Oziah.

He’s the youngest Naharian in history to become archknight. His loyalty to the king and work is very important to him and are always put first. One thing he refuses to talk about is his dark past. He plays a major role in The Lucin Stone. My first beta reader said she has a major crush on him, and she wouldn’t stop talking about him.

When are you hoping The Lucin Stone to be released?

I’m hoping it will come out early next year.
How long do you spend on writing a day?
It depends on my mood and whether I have time or not. I don’t exactly time myself because I usually write in bursts throughout the day. I’m rather busy.

What do you find the hardest part of a writer’s life?

I think the hardest part of it is promoting. There are so many other writers and it is so hard to get your name and book out there.

What was the first story you wrote?

I’m certain I wrote stories in elementary school, but I can’t remember. The most recent I can recall was when I wrote about how my dog and I got chased by a skunk-true story. I had to pick a topic for school and I had no idea what to write about because my life is so boring. It fit the requirements so I went for it.

What genres are you most interested in?

Fantasy and fantasy with a romance subplot if done right. As well as mystery.

Can you tell 
us what a normal writing day is like for you?

I usually write at night time, when it’s quiet. A lot of times I really want to write throughout the day so I take my tablet around with me. I jot a few things down here and there. Now that I’m in the editing/beta reading phase I’m just reading over my manuscript like a normal reader, and fixing anything I notice that is wrong. I don’t drink coffee or do any sort of thing to get me ready or in the mood to write, I just do it.

Are you able to share a line that you are most proud of?

This is a bit hard because a lot of the ones I’m proud of are spoilers. So, I just picked one that popped into my head.

“We train day and night and give our lives away to defend this kingdom! Is that not enough to get the respect we deserve?”

You speak a lot about Bear on your blog, can you tell us about Bear?

Of course! Bear is my Chocolate Labrador who is three years old. He is very big, loveable, and sweet. A beary handsome Bear. He is almost always happy and puts a smile on my face every time! I love him so much and couldn’t imagine life without him.

What or who inspires you the most?

Seeing other writer’s work so hard and encourage others is what really inspires me to do the same.

What was the first book that you read that made your heart beat with excitement and left you on edge?

This is a hard one for me. I enjoy reading very much, but I can’t even remember. My older books are miles away from me.

Is there any one writer that you can think of that you see has released a new book that you must buy?

Yours. 😀 I’m not sucking up. I was planning on getting it next. I swear.

Five words to sell your book?

Unpredictable, Shocking, Abilities, Betrayal, Love

Do you have more projects in the pipeline?

Except for the rest of the series for my fantasy book (which may be 4-5 books), I have two projects I worked on a decent amount. They still need quite a bit of work and I’m not exactly sure if I can make them as good as I think my fantasy book is. I’ll probably work on them after I finish my fantasy series, which will be quite a long time.

Where do we find out about C.E.L. Stefani?


This next section I like to call World without words or life without love? I Would like to ask you random questions and for you to answer with the first thing that pops into your head.

Favourite word?

Bear-I’m not joking this popped into my head. Though I do say it quite a lot. Lol.

Favourite food?


Favourite game?

The Last of Us

Gaming or writing?

Gaming-It would be truly be hard to choose, but gaming popped in my head first.

Last thing that you bought?

Dog food

One book that I must read this year?

Ermm…my mind went blank.

Frodo or Sam?


Pippin or Merry?


Last thing that you drew?

My scary spirit lady! She’s awesome!

Favourite writing spot?

My bedroom

Hug or handshake?


If The Lucin Stone, were a film who would star?

This one is super exciting for me because I found a few people who happen to look like or very similar to how I imagined my characters. Yes, it just happened. I didn’t base them off of them. I’m not very familiar with celebrities.

Alrin – Garrett Hedlund

Alsar – Jared Leto

Artakin – Zak Henri

Baust – Charlie Kennedy (A model but he looks like him.)

Borisis – Johnny Harrington (Yet another model but he looks pretty close to him.)

Cerelian – Chris Salvatore

Frey – Katie Cassidy (I based Frey’s appearance off of Ruby from Supernatural because I really thought her look fits my character’s personality. It’s the only character I’ve based off of someone.)

Ily – Morgan Nagler

Iviel – Alex Pettyfer

Oziah – Guy Pierce (young)

Rithia – Dove Cameron

Roitheus (Roik) – Brendan Gleeson (I saw K.J. Chapman already had this one on her writing corner. No! He’s my character. Lol).

And finally, 

World without words or life without love?

It’s hard to image the world without either. A world without words. Love can still be expressed even without words. Bear doesn’t need to speak to show his love, nor do I. 😀

I would love to thank C.E.L Stefani again for a fun experience. 


If- by Rudyard Kipling

    If you can keep your head when all about you       Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, 
    But make allowance for their doubting too;   
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, 
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, 
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, 
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise: 
If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;   
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;   
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster 
    And treat those two impostors just the same;   
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken 
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, 
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, 
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools: 
If you can make one heap of all your winnings 
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, 
And lose, and start again at your beginnings 
    And never breathe a word about your loss; 
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew 
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,   
And so hold on when there is nothing in you 
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’ 
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,   
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, 
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, 
    If all men count with you, but none too much; 
If you can fill the unforgiving minute 
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

The Siblings – Birthday Freebie

Birthday freebie, what is that I hear you ask? Or maybe it is the voice in my head or the characters that are screaming to crawl out and adorn a blank page. Nevertheless, I am here to bring you an answer!

To celebrate my birthday on Monday, The Siblings will be free worldwide on Amazon for you all to download and read at your pleasure! It will be free for three days, 27th to 29th. I really hope you take this opportunity to go for it and enjoy a freebie on me! Everyone loves a freebie right? 

So follow these lovely little links depending on preference and have yourself a wail of a good time. I have also added a few teasers in an attempt to lure you further. 

For UK – Click here

For Worldwide – Click here

The Skin Man – a short story

Good afternoon all!

I hope you are well and not too hungover with the happenings of the U.K. 

On to this post. Last week, the title that won the vote was The Skin Man. I had no idea what this would consist of when I started it and halfway through I thought I had backed myself into a corner. Turns out, the character knew better than I did and turned things around.

I’m fascinated with the main character of this story and has opened up some potential developments with it. So please let me know what you think of this unedited entry 🙂

From this post I should be taking a hiatus but I will look forward to reading and answering comments and reading blog posts soon. Take care everyone.

                                 The Skin Man

“Yo, bruv, heads up.”

A bottle smashed against the brick walk inches from Damien Lotto’s head. The abuse continued as he walked along Bridge Park footpath and all the way across the field. The derogative remarks stepped up a pace to filthy and explicit, words that you wouldn’t expect teenagers to use yet were becoming increasingly common.

Damien had been called some things over the years as he flirted from town to town. There were the common ones; Freak Man, Freakazoid, Scar Face, Weirdo. But then there were other and more deliberate offensive slurs that were less off the cuff; Burns Unit, Frizzle Frazzle, Freddy Krueger and the one that this particular town had named him, The Skin Man.

It was quite an original name considering the disfigurement that had transformed him from a legible thirty year old bachelor to the scarred being he was now. 

Burn marks covered his face with raised blisters that never healed and cuts and grazes that looked fresh. The rest of his body was just as disfigured, with jeans and hoodies covering the most noticeable marks. But they still saw and mocked him, no matter what town he travelled too. But he was okay with that. It was the burden he was willing to bear.

He continued along the path and made it to the bed and breakfast with minimal hassle. He had been staying at the Hedgegrow B&B for a week and it suited just fine. It held the basics; a single bed, a reading lamp and an en suite bathroom that meant little mingling with other guests. The room had floral green wall paper and salmon pink carpeting that did little to welcome guests but the finer details were not of interest to Damien. He just needed a bed to lay his head until it was time to move on.

Damien placed the contents of his pocket on to the quilted bed sheet and stared at the them. A packet of gum he had brought from the shop, a golden coin with a thumb print engraved on either side and a pass card for the local hospital. He had attained that from Simon Barlow, a paediatrician that frequented the Grocer Store after his shift finished at around 17:15. 

Damien had scouted Hedgegrow Hospital for Children for the last week since entering the town and out of all the candidates, Simon Barlow was the ideal person to target. He had he same routine everyday. He left the hospital at 17:15, walked along the high street towards the cross field path where he would hang his badge on his back pocket and light up a cigarette when he was out of view from the hospital. Once he reached the shop, he would mull over what liquor or spirit to purchase but always settling on vodka. This was when Damien would strike, walking past and lifting the chewing gum from the racking close to the alcohol section whilst his other hand pilfered the badge from the trousers. And that is how it played out, to which pleased Damien Lotto. There had been times where even the easiest task was foiled and scraps and tussles ensued. 

He packed away the contents and settled on the bed to drift into a sleep before the evening festivities would begin.

Damien woke with a start. He had no memory of his dreams, he rarely did anymore, but knew they were more nightmare than anything else. He checked his watch. 22:25. He had been asleep for over four hours and that was enough to get him through. He felt refreshed but it took a few moments for him to gain his bearings. With a wash of the face and a toilet stop, he was ready and out of the door in no time. 

The hospital was not far from the B&B and he made it in good time. He remained surreptitious in black apparel with a hood covering his features. The evening had now turned to night and along the streets there was little lighting allowing Damien to keep within the shadows.

As he reached the automatic double doors of the hospital, Damien Lotto pulled out the badge that he pick pocketed earlier in the day and clipped it to his chest. He took a deep breath and stepped in to the hospital. 

The smell of antiseptic filled his nostrils and his stomach rumbled. He was never a fan of the hospital despite his chosen profession but knew the queasiness may have had something to do with his body shifting. As Damien walked past the reception, he caught his own reflection in a perspex display. But it wasn’t his own scarred face that looked back at him. It was the eyes and features of Simon Barlow. 

Damien walked on in the guise of a man that he had never conversed with but had studied for longer than most. He knew his walk and attitude but hopefully he wouldn’t need to put that to the test. The hospital was quiet and Damien managed to manoeuvre around the halls without being seen and found his way to the Oncology ward with ease.

He needed to rest against the wall before entering. Damien had so long until his powers would wane and the badge would be nothing but an unwanted accessory. The gift of using a persons possession and transforming into them for a brief spell was a burden that Damien carried with him every day. He fought through it day in and day out and would never exchange his downfall. He deserved to live the life he did and he had no regrets.

Damien walked in the room with confidence, pulling off his hood and scanned over the ward. There were around six sick beds in the room but only five was occupied. Damien scanned the charts trying to make sense of their notes. The diagnosis ranged from liver to lung to bone cancer. The symptoms they were suffering from sent a shiver down his spine. He could not imagine the suffering these child were going through but he had a chance to make a life right. 

He did not choose one in particular, ignoring their names and age and sat down by the child’s side. He placed a hand on the child’s forehead and closed his eyes. 

Pain shot through his body. Screams filled his ears and tears spread through his mind. Anguish and suffering, mental and physical, courses through his veins and left him in a vulnerable state. He needed to hold on, he needed to see the process through. He composed himself in the thought that the child would not feel the process take place. 

His skin was burning, his chest pounded and his pulse sent tremors through his body. Damien’s energy was dwindling and it wouldn’t be long until his body would fail him. He needed to hold on to the last second. To feel that click.

Damien’s body lurched, his back accentuating its curved feature and felt his whole body crunch. His hand fell from the child’s forehead and his body slammed hard against the flooring. The tag that had adorned his chest slid off beneath the bed. He gasped for air as his eyes opened. He felt fresh wounds fester over his skin and inflict more pain on him. 

He scrambled to his feet, eyeing the child who remained fast asleep. His luck carried him so far and he was thankful that the rest of the children remained peaceful. Damien limped through the hallways pulling the hood back over his head and headed out without being noticed. The cool air was refreshing and was soothing against the fresh wounds. He made his way back to the B&B where he would rest.

The next day he left early and sat in the first class carriage of the Southern Bound train heading to Kent. Damien had recovered but still remained in a significant amount of pain. Fresh boils had appeared on his face but the most noticeable was on his back. Each time he rested against the seat, pain soared through his body.

As always, jovial newcomers would board the train, attempt to join Damien in the carriage but once they saw his disfigured form they would about turn and head to another section. That soon changed when a sharp dressed man joined him an hour isn’t the journey. It took another ten minutes until a conversation was sparked.

“Damien Lotto, it is a pleasure to share the train with such a person.”

Damien looked up and studied the man. He wore a three piece suit, with a napkin in his jacket pocket and his shoes shined to the nines. “Do I know you?”

The gentleman suppressed a laugh. “No, but we know an awful lot about you. We know you are disgraced by a mistake you made when you was young and stupid, and now you use your abilities to disfigure and torture yourself. No you do not know about me or my constitutes, but you soon will. We have an offer that you won’t be able to refuse. Are you prepared to listen, Damien Lotto?” 

Damien sighed and flinched as he leaned back in his seat. He had over an hour until his stop and curiosity always got the better of him. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Relaxing & Reading: The new R&R

Hello all!

I have been looking forward to my week off next week for ages and you may have seen that I have alluded to it if you follow me on Twitter.

Currently the household has come over quite poorly with me the last person standing. I’m starting to feel the illness build up but I will not be deterred. I am being doting spouse and pet Carer (if roles were reversed, I think I would be looked after a whole lot better) and trying to end the week quickly to start the festivities.

So this post is about things I plan to look forward to relaxing too and enjoying over the next week and beyond.

Finished Book:

Black Box Thinking: Marginal Gains and the secret of High Performance by Matthew Syed

I loved this book and found it insightful. I look forward to sharing my views on this in an upcoming post.

To be read:

EVO Shift by KJ Chapman

Rise of the Sparrows by Sarina Langer

David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

My fight, your fight by Ronda Rousey 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

These are just some of the books that are to be read but the those highlighted are at the top of the list. I am also looking forward to the Beta Reader copies that will be attained soon.

I also plan to get some film watching and box sets completed whilst casting over writing projects and seeing if inspiration hits.

I’ve needed some R&R time for awhile and even though I may be quieter than normal, I’ll be thinking of you all 🙂

So, what are you looking forward to reading? What do you do with your time off? Let me know and we can discuss. Have a great day.

Writing Corner with KJ Chapman

Good morning campers. I hope you are all enjoying a great morning.

My guest this week is a brilliant author, an avid reader and reviewer and blogger who I have had the pleasure of reading her first book and great blog posts.

Next week I look forward to reading the second book in her EVO Nation series. It was a fun interview to conduct with great answers where I found out her childhood writing memories and how she manages to juggle her time between projects. Also who would she choose between Doctor Who and Harry Potter? This question and more were answered.

A chat with KJ Chapman

K.J.Chapman is an avid tea drinker, writer, blogger, book lover, Whovian, and author of the EVO Nation Series. Born and raised in Cornwall, England, and with an accent to match, K.J.Chapman is a self-proclaimed fan girl and geek; a lover of everything science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal. 

If she is not working on her EVO Nation series, she is blogging on various subjects that peak her interest. Most prominently, she posts musings, tips, advice, and journals of her writing and reading experiences. Chapman is a keen book reviewer, beta reader, and ARC reviewer. You can find all reviews on her blog.

K.J.Chapman on writing: ‘It’s what I do, what I enjoy, and what keeps me sane. Did I say writing keeps me sane? Yeah… perhaps it just balances my crazy.

Hello and thank you for joining me on Writing Corner this week. How is everything with you? Is Cornwall treating you well? 

Thank you for having me. I’m doing great, thank you, and Cornwall will always treat me well. It’s the best place in the world, after all.

First off, I loved EVO Nation, the first book in EVO Nation series. Like I said on my review, I was so engrossed in the book that I lost all bearings of my surroundings. How long did it take from concept to the finished novel?

Firstly, thank you for saying so. That is a great compliment. I still get giddy whenever someone tells me how much they enjoyed EVO Nation.

I had the concept of evolved humans for about eight years, but never knew where to go with the narrative. The first notes were written in 2010. I know they were written in 2010 because my daughter was a new-born and I wrote them during the dreaded night feeds. So, you could say that I started six years ago. I would say 2014 was the year of EVO for me. It was when the idea of Facility One and the TORO came to me and spurred me into action. It took eight months to finish the first draft and another four to edit.

I will soon be reading the second and I can’t wait to return to the EVO world. What can I and readers expect?

EVO Shift’s title has many facets (you will see soon, so I shall say no more.) There are huge changes/shifts in the world as Teddie knows it, and a whole new, clandestine group of EVO. Things turn dark quickly, and Teddie finds herself slap bang in the centre of an unprecedented war, trying to deal with loss, new abilities, and self-doubt.

The lines between good and bad blur all the more, and Teddie has to decide who’s side she is on, what she is fighting for, and whether it’s worth her life.

You are working on another project. Would you mind dishing the dirt and giving us an insight?

I’m unbelievably excited about this project. I needed a break from writing the third book in the EVO Nation Series, EVO Ghost, and I’ve had these characters clawing to meet paper, so it was a natural progression.

Thrown to The Blue is a fantasy set in a made up world- mostly in the Kingdoms of Ye’Sande and Yarnair. The narrative is told by two people: Princess Ezrahli of Ye’Sande, and Reed of Yarnair, an archer. Their lives cross unexpectedly when Reed’s ‘leader’ picks him to ‘pretend’ to assassinate the new King of Ye’Sande. Sounds ominous, right? Well, it is the King of Ye’Sande who has orchestrated this faux assassination on himself in the first place. Why? To take the spotlight away from his sister, Princess Ezrahli, after she killed their father, the late King Wellan.

Ezrahli is a sort of anti-heroine. I have enjoyed blurring the lines of hero and villain in this narrative.

How do you manage to divide your time between both projects (Thrown to the blue and EVO Ghost)?

At first, I would spend equal amounts of time on both, but as of late, I have been focussing all my attention on Thrown to The Blue. Once the first draft is complete, I shall take my time during the re-drafting and editing stages and get back to EVO Ghost.

I am a keen follower of your blog. I admire the amount of books you have read and reviewed. Has there been a time where you have read a book and thought, ‘I can’t write a review around this drivel’.

Thankfully, I have only read one book that I couldn’t finish, so I didn’t review it. I am not one to write mean reviews, and do not condone it. What I may not like, may be what someone else loves, so I would never shame an author with a horrific review.

Don’t get me wrong, I write honest reviews in which I state what I loved, liked, and didn’t like so much, but I try to be balanced and fair.

What book did you read in your childhood that still lives in your memory or heart today?

There are three. Charlotte’s Web’s by E.B.White, Stig of the Dump by Clive King, and Carbonel by Barbara Sleigh. I kept my original copies and have passed them on to my daughter.

I was also a huge R.L.Stine fan, which in turn led me to find Stephen King and Dean Koontz as I got older.

What is your earliest childhood memory of writing?

That’s hard for me to determine because I was always reading and writing from a young age. However, my Mum did keep a piece of work that I wrote when I was about 7 or 8:

Yep, I re-wrote Little Red Riding Hood, replacing the wolf with human-flesh eating dragons called Morise and Norise. I even included my own illustrations! Ha!

When did the moment hit and you told yourself, I am a writer. This is who I am?

It didn’t really hit me until I got my first review (other than family). It was when I knew someone unbiased liked what I had to say, that I thought…This is me.

Would you care to share a line with us that you are most proud of writing?

This is a line that has resonated with lots of readers, and I didn’t really think about it until I had it pointed out to me over and over again. I’m proud of it because it holds weight and truth in the current climate:

This is what it has all been about- people who are scared of something they don’t understand. Ignorance is the deadliest flaw in the human species.

In five words how would you sell the EVO series to us?

Evolution, Survival, Relationships, Vengeance, Bravery.

Before we finish up, you wrote Prompt Me: 150 Writing Prompts for Beating The Block. Are prompts something that has helped you with your writing and what was the inspiration behind it? (As you know I am a big fan of prompts and think it’s a great idea).

I am a HUGE fan of writing prompts. I love how every writer sees something in a different light. ‘Prompt Me’ came about after starting my writing prompt exercises on my blog. I enjoy creating atmosphere in a few lines and writing prompts are perfect for that. After getting a great response on my blog, I decided to compile the prompts I had been keeping into an eBook.

Where can we find KJ Chapman and her books?






EVO Nation: 

EVO Shift: 

Prompt Me: 

This next section I like to call World without words or life without love? I Would like to ask you random questions and for you to answer with the first thing that pops into your head.

Writing prompt or picture prompt?

Writing Prompts. Let the imagination roll.

Favourite genre?

Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Favourite author?

I can’t pick just one! Stephen King, JK Rowling, Anne Rice, Jane Austen, Markus Zusak, Alice Sebold, Charlotte Bronte, Daphne Du Maurier, Garth Nix, Brandon Sanderson, Kristin Cast, PC Cast, Anita Shreve. *Copy and pasted from my Goodreads profile hehe*

A book that you were pleasantly surprised with?

I read my first Anita Shreve novel, Fortune Rocks, when I was twenty. I didn’t think that 19th century, unrequited romance was my thing, but I loved Shreve and her books since. She offers an array of stories, eras, and just engaging writing.

Doctor Who or Harry Potter?

How could you?! Ummm, ahhh… Doctor Who.

Note: Couldn’t resist

Favourite board game?


Morning or night?

Morning. I do my best writing in the morning.

Spring or summer?

Summer, especially the school holidays. No school runs!!!

EVO Nation or EVO Shift?

EVO Nation because EVO Shift wouldn’t be here without it.

If you could be one renowned author for a day, who would it be and why?

Stephen King, so I could feel what it is like to be so damn awesome. His mind must be a thing of wonder and horror.

Top five musical influences?

For writing purposes: Queen, Sia, Linkin Park, Muse, and Adele.

Something that inspires?

Dreams. I had a dream just the other day that I had to write down. I daydream a lot too.

Cornish pasty or Stargazy pie?

Pasty! Oggy Oggy Oggy Oi Oi Oi!

Fill in the blanks: She told me it was safe, but I knew different. If I was to pay for life, I would be subject to interest. I knew I should have stayed in cryofreeze.

Note: (Ooh chilling)

Tea with cake or biscuits?

Biscuits- malted milks to be exact.

Author or blogger?

Author, otherwise I’d have nothing much to blog about.

If EVO Nation was a film, who would star?

Teddy – Rose Leslie

Adam – Jesse Williams

Isaac – Andrew Lincoln

Yana – Elle Fanning

Haydn – Russell Tovey

Golding – Freddie Stroma

Roscoe – Brendan Gleeson

(This is based on looks alone because I’m shallow like that)

World without words or life without love?

That’s a tricky one. I’m going to say world without words because my family are a huge inspiration to me. Without love I would have nothing to write about in the first place.

A big thank you to KJ Chapman for taking the time to answer these questions.

Even though I am taking a break next week there will be a Writing Corner so please look out for that.

POV: Too many, too little

Thoughts have been running over in my mind recently (scary I know) about the amount of POVs that is perfectly acceptable. As a writer and reader that enjoys a character filled novel {Stephen King’s Under the Dome and Dean Koontz’s Strangers spring to mind} I genuinely think that it doesn’t matter if you have one or ten, as long as the content matches up and the ratio is not off balance.

To have fifteen POVs in a book that spans a hundred pages seems a little bit off to me (unless this could be personal accounts from something that has happened or letters). Where as ten over the space of four hundred seems logical as this could build a compelling tale.

I have read stories in first person that I loved and did not need more than that. I have also read reviews from people that have not enjoyed the amount of characters that were telling the tale and thought it would have been ideal to cut it down.

In the past I have eliminated a character as their POV did not make any sense and they were just a nice to have. Sometimes it’s cruel to be kind. In my Siblings novel I had characters scream out that they wanted to tell the tale but it just would not have worked. In the sequel, new characters have been introduced with their own take on events and I have yet to decide if they will remain. I am just writing at the moment and not concentrating on the editing part. 

I think as long as it has a decent ratio between length of time concentrating on the character, the amount of POVs and length of story, any amount is fine. As long as they can be justified. 

So here are my questions to you: What do you enjoy in a book regarding POVs? Are you a one character kind of reader? Or do you like aplenty? Let me know your thoughts.