Sunday supplement 

Good morning all! I seem to have been hiding away in my cardboard box way too long. An emphasis on the too long part of the sentence.

I guess it is not like I haven’t been busy or productive, but not necessarily the way I have liked it. I have neglected this blog, neglected the amazing blogs I follow and generally lost touch with my writing side. Well I say no more.

I have been caught up with the mundane routine of working, eating and sleeping when fits. I love my job as a trainer; it is hard work, challenging and I learn a lot. But I miss the writing world. 

I have now made a plan to focus more time on my writing ventures. So this week, as chosen by the lovely people on Twitter, a short story will be posted entitled, The day the world died. 

Also, I will be going back to basics and using a notepad to scribble a treatment and first draft of a screenplay. Yes folks, I may need to purchase a new notebook. And I’ll sharpen those pencils.

I will return to the The Siblings world and start working on the sequel. I have other plans for short stories and another separate story I am working on which is in a sub genre I have never touched on before but it is looking to be an adventure. 

Whilst away from writing I have been catching up on reading (reviews are to follow) and catching up on series and films. 

I loved the new X men film and thought it was a great third edition. 

Despite the critics disliking the film, I also enjoyed Money Monster. I thought it was unique in a way and characters did not act in a way that is the norm. Overall I thought it was great. 

In preparation for my Disney world return, we have been watching a lot of Disney movies and rewatched Wreck it Ralph. I enjoyed it more the third time around than the first two times. 

On a series front, 11/22/63 has kept me engaged over the last several weeks and look forward to the finale. It has made me want to re read the novel as I know the series has changed a few things. 

That is pretty much it for this edition, I don’t want to exhaust all my information in one go. It has been awhile but looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

What have you been up to? What are your plans? I’d love to hear from you, so grab a seat.


11 thoughts on “Sunday supplement 

  1. Well if you like Money Monster and professional critics don’t it must be good.
    Wreck-It-Ralph has passed Tangled & Megamind as my favourite animation.
    “What have you been up to? What are your plans?”…….Far to many things for my own good: eg..
    1) Selling off my Marvel comic collection to finance buying other graphics (Marvel’s plots are getting stale….I’m all for re-cycling…but)
    2) Selling off a joint collection of Warhammer40K models (no more room)
    3) Re-fighting WWII through board games (while doing Churchill impressions)
    4) Once more heroically writing a fantasy novel, that probably will not be a success, but hey what’s wrong with another Magnificent Failure? (I’ve three volumes’ worth already)
    5) Learning how to blog.
    6) Reading the amazing variety of blogs on WordPress .
    And that’s just a few (I really must get around to watch the Battle Star Galactica series again).

    All the best wishes for your writing project…just keep on keeping on.

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    1. Wreck it Ralph is pretty amazing, and Tangled is also near the top!
      Oh, what type of Marvel was you into? X men has always been a firm favourite of mine.
      I tried to get into warhammer but never managed to stick to it. Love the premise of it.
      What type of board games do you like? I love Risk but unfortunately haven’t played it in a very long time.
      Ooh a fantasy novel sounds rather grand. Failure can only lead to success sir 🙂
      Your blogging talents seem rather good to me.
      Wordpress is home to many talents and can be hard to keep up. Battle star Galactica is on my shelf but currently untouched.
      Hope you are splendid.

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      1. Hi there.
        When I returned to comics back in 2011, I read almost every one in sight, but over the years read too many plots involving heroes hitting each other, being mind-controlled or (worst of all) being foiled by mega-rich CEOs. My loyalties are now with Guardians of the Galaxy and Ms Marvel, for the humour and more positive approach to story telling.
        Yeh Warhammer is not only complex but very, very expensive, and gets a bit dull if someone turns up at the gaming table with some super-duper souped up character; not really much room for tactics.
        My board games are mostly military, being an avid reader of the subject- I have some ‘monsters’ to complete ( eg: Gettysburg at regiment level, WWII in Europe On a gaming area approx. 8′ x 9′), but I’m retired so plan on finishing them by the time I’m 80 (64 now)…I used to love Risk, and am trying to tell myself I cannot have another copy!! (Even with all those classy variants)
        Thank you so much for the blogging compliments, I take a lot of inspiration, lessons and enjoyment from reading a variety of them, yours included, so much so that they take up 2-3 hours a day sometimes, but it’s a new and re-freshing world (as opposed to the screaming and abuse of ‘social media)….Hoorah for WordPress I say!!
        Have you seen ‘BSG’? It’s recommended, no true villains, no true heroes and very complex issues, there was not one dull series.
        Great to be ‘talking with you’
        Keep on keeping on.
        Best wishes


  2. Glad you’re getting back in touch with your writing side, especially if it means working on The Siblings sequel. Looking forward to your short story although must admit a bit disappointed it was the magical hair and the beast That one had me intrigued :p
    I always end up being the exact opposite of critics, so if they hate it, chances are I’m gonna like it. I loved reading 11/22/63 and will have to check out the series now.
    Glad you’re back to blogging-you’ve been missed.

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  3. (For what it’s worth, I’m grateful that you haven’t been blogging much. It’ll make my catch-up go much faster!)
    I loved Wreck it Ralph, and can’t wait to see the new X-Men film ❤ And I'm excited that you're getting back to The Siblings! You sound like a very busy man, so take your time with everything 🙂

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  4. Happy to hear that you’ve been embracing the writing side again 🙂 I can’t wait to enjoy your stories! I know they’ve been posted since, so I’ll definitely be checking them out soon! It’s been a little hectic here the past few days, and I’ve fallen behind on catching up. So you might see me popping up a bit now 😉
    Stay well ❤

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