Distorted Crow – a haiku

My mind has been filled with disturbing ideas and gothic designs recently when thinking of stories and haikus.

This one is no different. I have always been fascinated by the weird and wonderful creatures of life and I am unsure how this haiku came about but it blossomed from nothing. 

The image above was founded on the Vector website and if you want to have a look at designs I suggest taking a look.  

Distorted Crow 

The crow sat unhinged,
Feathers and beak contorted,
Eyes cold and vacant

Death be upon he,
Whoever crosses the crow,
Tortured to nothing.

Rest will come to he,
Only to rise once again,
The Devils player


6 thoughts on “Distorted Crow – a haiku

  1. Fantastic! I am so enthralled by your ability to create such brilliant haikus! There’s something intriguing about these darker stories. Gothic is high on my list of favourite genres.
    Not going to lie: reminds me quite a bit of Edgar Allen Poe!
    Amazing ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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