2025 – A continuation 

Happy weekend one and all! I hope everyone is glad it is finally Saturday. I know I am.

A couple of posts ago I wrote a 100 word story entitled 2025 – this post is a continuation of this so if you haven’t read it, feel free to click on the title to read it first. It is not imperative but links in nicely as this part is from an alternative perspective. 

Have a fabulous weekend all and hope you enjoy 🙂

2025 – A continuation 

Beauty should never be determined by face value. Even the most disfigured monster can breathe the life of a beautiful creature.
I was a nurse in the heart of battle. I risked my life day in and day out for my fellow kind. We were known as unnatural to the human mind and in a twisted way, I believe that was the impetus that pushed us into war. We were treated as equals at the beginning, welcomed with opened arms. Then something propelled us backwards and into the shadows, scared for our lives, scavengers feeding off the remains of roadkill. I will never know what caused this envious turn of the humans and I am too scared to know the reason why. But I cannot allow the actions of the humans to taint my personality. I do not hate them, for in essence we are part human, and share some of their qualities along with their downfalls. 

Overtime, I came to the realisation that war life was not for me. Loss after loss takes a toll and I could not engage in the combat that was occasionally threw at the doctors and nurses. I sought after a quiet life, in the countryside and alone to my own devices. Once free, I was enjoying life. I lived under the radar and was welcomed by the locals as a quiet girl with a kind heart. I was content with this. Then he came into my life and my world was turned upside down. I will never forget that day. But I had lived a long and turbulent life long before my safe haven swallowed me up. My story began before the humans knew we existed and that is where I shall start. But forgive me, for my words may not be kind.


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