2025 – A 100 word excerpt

Good Sunday all.

Last week a story came into my head and I couldn’t shake it off. I was wary of the concept as it is of a genre I am not familiar with but the characters clung on and spoke to me.

So I thought, as I had been silent for a few days I would share a little on here with you. It’s an excerpt of a letter that I’m currently drafting for the story. I don’t know if it will go anywhere or if it will end up on the pile of ideas that I may come back to. I have a lot of them. Anyway, hope you all have a lovely Sunday and happy reading.


I was once a warrior, deep in the heart of battle. I was not just another face, nor a trained soulless assassin paid by target. I was a Commander, leader and tactician. It was a war unlike any other. There were humans, the side that I fought the cause for. Then there were them. An enemy that blossomed from the soil and crawled out from the shadows. I do not know how it all started and I will be dead long before the war is put to rest. But I have a story to tell. And you need to listen. 


10 thoughts on “2025 – A 100 word excerpt

  1. Such a chilling paragraph! I want to know so much more. It reads like the perfect first paragraph to a most intriguing story.
    Those pesky ideas! So many of them, so little time ;P
    Thank you for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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