Pen and paper

I recently read KJ Chapman’s post Getting back to Pen and paper (link provided) and it made me think about a promise to myself last year and a good reason to start filling the hoards of notebooks and pens I have collected over the years.

Thanks to the aforementioned post, I stuffed a few notebooks in my satchel, with enough pens to keep a school supplied for a year and then took it on my travels on the off chance I was inspired. 

Last year I wrote a post around that I used phones and laptops as my way of writing and that I was going to strive to write more on paper. Well I had forgotten about that until recently. The electronic devices assist so easily with spellings, grammar etc that it has made me lazy. 

So I will now start to indulge my love of short stories and plan to write as many as I can in short hand and will ignore the devices that assist until I really need it. So I thank KJ Chapman for this boost and motivation. 

Happy writing!


7 thoughts on “Pen and paper

  1. I started out with a notebook (paper pad) and a biro for outlines and ideas. I think I connect more and the stuff I write stays in my mind, whereas when I type I can easily forget whole chunks of text and need to re-read.

    I do however hate to read my own handwriting so the ‘memory’ thing is a saving grace.

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    1. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I guess when typing you can get completely lost with the touching of keys that it’s just another button. Where you are writing, you have to physically contribute to the words being created.
      Why do you hate your own handwriting? I always feel sloppy with mine.

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  2. I always love starting new stories in a notebook! It’s one of my favourite things about starting a new story! I’m glad that you’re turning back to it. Hope it’s helping to keep you inspired. Happy writing ❤

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