Life – a 200 word short

Good morning all! I hope the weather is lovely, the days are action packed and you enjoy the weekend.

I plan on relaxing, reading, walking, having a picnic, digesting the football scores to see if I am in for a shout of winning some money and taking it easy before work tomorrow night.

A voice appeared in my head yesterday evening when I saw a person that I knew and wondered what would happen if a certain scenario took place. I then started to write this short piece. I think there is more to it but just wanted experiment in first person narrative once more. So here you go.

Do you ever wake up and know that it is going to be a bad day? You fall out of the wrong side of the bed, trip over the cat or a cretin of an equal stature, forget to boil the kettle and you’re drinking cold coffee. Or your hair does not straighten as it should, the clothes you ironed the day before have somehow, by mysterious force, unhooked themselves off the peg and crumpled up beyond recognition. You may even spill jam down your top from the toast you were rushing to consume or drip yogurt on your expensive suit jacket that you needed for an important meeting, because your job requires you to dress like a pretentious prick. 

Well, that wasn’t the morning I was having. I had a pretty awesome morning and I had high hopes for the day. I woke up feeling that it was the day that would change my life, and, in a bizarre twist of fate, it was. Little did I know that just over twenty four hours later I could add murderer to my résumé. Sometimes, life just has it in for you. 

I’ll never forget the girl that destroyed my life.


5 thoughts on “Life – a 200 word short

  1. I love how you created a pessimistic opening and then switched it around, and then the final twist! Ooh! My emotions were going all over the place with this one! Thanks for it ❤
    I do hope there will be more 😀


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