Atmosphere Pt3 MOSS – 200 Word Story

Good Monday all. I hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend if they have one or just enjoying the days as best as can be. 

This post concludes the Atmosphere journey. If you missed parts one and two, please click on them to read. I wrote the first part without realising the story would linger and soon it took over and spawned a life. However, I shall leave the story here and not outstay its welcome. I hope you enjoy.

Atmosphere -Moss

There was one however. He was an outcast of sorts but still welcomed as one of their own in the community, despite it clearly visible that the boy did not belong in their world. His skin was pale, his hair red and his eyes black. The boy was an anomaly in a blemish free world. 

He knew little of his origin, misguided by his orphan parents to believing the life he lived was actually his. The boy called them ma and pa and when old enough chose the more accepting mother and father as their titles. Life as a naive and affable child had derailed him from his true calling. The boy held a purpose, his life destined for bigger and greater things. It was unsurprising that he was the first to notice the cracks in the atmosphere and even more unsurprising was the Dibets dismissal of his claims. 

He never had reason to doubt their authenticity until that point. Their reluctance to accept change caused alarm, for he was older enough to fathom reality was not as it was said to be.

The visions came shortly after the first crack appeared and his future foretold. His name was Moss.


10 thoughts on “Atmosphere Pt3 MOSS – 200 Word Story

  1. A fitting conclusion. I love the way the story just came to you. As always, your writing invites us into a world that inspires profound reflection. There is so much goodness in it!
    Thank you for sharing this much ❤
    It's been an absolute joy to read 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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