Atmosphere Pt 2 – 120 word short story

Good Sunday one and all. I hope you are all joking the weekend and having fun times. When I completed the sixty word short story called Atmosphere, I had no idea that the idea would linger and keep creeping back into my life. This led to me writing a short 120 word story…I shall see if the idea keeps returning.

If you haven’t read the first part, it’s not imperative but worth it. Click here here to read. Hope you enjoy.

Atmosphere – Part Two

I shouldn’t feel for the Dibet Colony but I do. They know no different. Waking each morning, completing their chores, greeting each person they pass in a jovial and convivial manner, as if there were no worries in the world. For the latter, that is what they believed. 

They knew nothing of the wars that were fought on the grounds they sowed, the blood that was spilt on the grass their animals chewed or the tears of the thousands that cried when they learnt of their loved ones departure from the world. They know only of peace, tranquility, kindness and love. That is why I feel for them, for they could have not foreseen the horror that would soon arrive.


8 thoughts on “Atmosphere Pt 2 – 120 word short story

  1. Can’t say how excited I was to see that there was a follow-up to the last story! And this is so amazing! And I know already that there’s another part ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m so glad that the story spoke to you and that you’re sharing it with us! As always, it’s such a joy to read your words. They never fail to inspire โค

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