Atmosphere – A sixty word story

Good Friday one and all! I have been silent on here for sometime and had inspiration yesterday so would like to share with you a sixty word story. Hopefully I will get back into the blog world next week (keep an eye out for the book review of EVO Nation by KJ Chapman).

Have a good weekend all!


Remnants of a previous world seeped through the atmosphere. As day shifted to night, cracks were visible in the sky for the roamers of the land to admire. Little did they know the terror and harm it would bring to their imperturbable and docile colony. Once the surface was broken, it wouldn’t be long until the arrival of the damned.


10 thoughts on “Atmosphere – A sixty word story

  1. Love this short story. It paints a vivid picture and creates so much intrigue! You have a real knack for captivating with so few words.
    Don’t worry about taking a break. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your review. Have you started EVO Shift yet?
    Hope you’re well! Have a beautiful weekend as well. ❤

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