Ways to free my mind

Smell the Coffee, Enjoy the Little Things
Enjoy the Little Things text on rural background, wake up and smell the coffee

Since publishing my debut novel, I have allowed myself some down time from writing. At first, I felt guilty. I was thinking to myself, you should really get back on the proverbial horse whilst you have the momentum. What are you thinking taking a break? Isn’t writing your passion, you idiot? 

I started to think more clearly about the last question and finally an answer struck: it is my passion but I shouldn’t be a slave to it. Hard work pays off when success comes into play and I went to be successful, but that doesn’t mean I should write everyday. Also, it gives time to recharge, refresh and allow inspired thoughts to brew.

So this post I thought I would concentrate on the ways and things I do that frees my mind and allow stories to blossom.



When my knees feel up to it, I love to walk. I could go for miles, enjoying the seaside, countryside and get lost in my own thoughts. It is refreshing and allows time to just flow. Just yesterday I went for a walk to get some hay for the animals and a story idea popped into my head. Many times they come whilst walking.



I once was driving home from work, mind concentrating on the road when an idea flew into my head from nowhere. I later wrote it down rough a have started to write it as a film script. I also love the little buddies we have in the car.



As I haven’t been writing I’ve hard time to finish EVO Nation (which was amazing and a review will follow) and buy new books. Reading transports me into a different world and there isn’t much else that can do the same.

Visiting new places 


This weekend I visited Lewes in East Sussex for the first time. We were slightly disappointed with it as it didn’t live up to expectations, nor did the visit to Hastings. However, there was a plus. We went through Rye and stopped off at the Apothecary Cafe which is a beautiful cafe with reading nooks, delicious food, tasty tea and a feel of magic. If you get the chance to go, it’s inspiring. The photos attached are of the cafe.

I shall bore you no longer. I hope you have enjoyed reading me waffle around what frees my mind. There are a few more but will save that until next week. I would love to hear from you and see how you free your mind.


7 thoughts on “Ways to free my mind

  1. Taking time for yourself is a good idea, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it – not that I can talk, I usually feel guilty myself 😛 Going for a walk sounds like a great way to recharge, and reading works for me as well 🙂 Enjoy your down time!

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  2. Sometimes, I also feel guilty when not writing. Though I think its better to take your time with writing rather than always forcing yourself too. Sometimes you need that break. I enjoy going for walks with my dogs. I go everyday, and sometimes I do come up with new ideas. If I’m frustrated with writing or need a break, I usually play video games or sometimes watch something. They don’t necessarily help me come up with new ideas, but it helps. I also enjoy cooking and baking. A great way to take my mind off of everything. 🙂

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  3. I think many writers suffer from this guilt, and it only gets worse the more successful we get. It’s why I wince every time I see someone trot out a soundbite about how a *real* writer or a *professional* writer or a *serious* writer writes every day. No. Writers write. The frequency is irrelevant.

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  4. Never feel guilty about taking time for yourself! Everyone needs to take breaks from their passion and pursue hobbies. It creates a more fulfilling life and if writing is your true passion — which I know it is — you will always be able to come back to it!
    Keep walking. Keep driving. Keep reading. Keep exploring. Be inspired by life ❤

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  5. It’s great you’ve been enjoying some much needed downtime. If we’re always writing and don’t take the time to go out and explore the world around us, then where will our ideas come from? We are not machines. Our brains need the rest. You never know what the imagination with spark when you’re least expecting it. Thanks for sharing your adventures 🙂

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