The Siblings

Just over a week ago I released my debut novel. I knew a few brilliant people that offered to read an advanced copy. Just over a week ago, one of those, Mollie, reviewed my book on her great blog. I was nervous at first when I saw the review go up, but once I read it, it left me with the widest smile. So I thought I would share it on my blog!

Mollie's Musings

Recently, I was bestowed the distinct honor and privilege of reading The Siblings, the debut novel from author, A. Morgan. I’m sure all of the whining, begging and pleading had nothing to do with the decision of granting me an ARC.
PleaseI’ve been following the story of Jest and Fer since they first made their appearance on Al’s blog back in late November in a series of three installments. From the beginning, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of this narrative. I was thrilled when he decided to continue the their story and expand it into a full length novel. This is the first time I’ve been able to follow an author and the story they’re writing from the beginning. Through tweets and blog posts, it’s been amazing to see the story and its characters take shape and grow which only added to my excitement and anticipation for…

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