Level of success – A writer’s journey

When I tell people, be it friends, family or general acquaintances, that I enjoy writing and plan to publish my work, many relate it to a monetary value. Many make reference to well accomplished and famous authors and ask me who do I wish to emulate. They talk about the high life and the things that the success can reward me with. To this, I sigh.

I love my family and friends, tolerate the acquaintances, but only a few realise why I, and others write. It is not for the adulation (even though it would be nice), it is not for the monetary aspect (but how amazing would that be) and it is not even to be famous (Hey, who hasn’t dreamt of being mobbed?). I, like 90% of the rest of the writing world I would say, write because we have too. It is something that we cannot resist. We are driven to tell the tales of the characters and situations that require a voice. 

Some people I talk to are surprised that many of us writers give away free short stories on blogs. Some think there must be a price on everything. I disagree wholeheartedly and will always continue to share my stories as it is a huge learning experience and I get amazing feedback, encouragement and tips by doing so. It’s a win win. 

I asked my self earlier, what is success? It is different for each person and would like to share what success means to me. It may cause a few to raise their eyebrows where others may agree. 

  • Success would mean that I would be a full time Author
  • Success doesn’t mean that I would get paid highly, just that I could live within my means
  • Success would mean I could take days off reading and not worry
  • Success would mean I could attend book festivals and writing conventions 
  • Success would mean my writing was influential
  • Success would mean my work had an impact and meant something to at least one person


What drives you? What would you call success? I’d love to hear. 



12 thoughts on “Level of success – A writer’s journey

  1. Well for me, I think success would be impacting someone for the better through my writing.

    I truly enjoyed reading this post, and love the quotes you inserted (thanks for sharing them!). Keep it up!

    Giulia x

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  2. I’ve come to realize, most people are just not gonna get it when it comes to writing. You have the right idea by defining your own success. At the end of the day, you have to be happy with you. Your list is excellent and I agree with everything on it! Great post as usual😆

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  3. Those definitions of success look fine to me.
    My motivation? After 30+ years of writing and getting nowhere it would seem just churlish to stop now.
    Double digit sales & 1 review on Amazon (what type I don’t care)
    Those considerations aside, it’s sort fun.

    Best wishes to you in your endeavours


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  4. Another wonderful post that exudes wisdom. I concur with everything. Even though my family supports me, many people define my success in terms of monetary achievement. I completely agree with your list of success too. And, if it means anything, your writing as well as your journey, has had a great impact on me. Your perseverance and true love of storytelling is an inspiration.
    Keep pursuing your dreams. The world is better for it. But most importantly, you deserve to live your passion ❤

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  5. I love your definition of success and agree completely! It’s good to think about your goals, and I love yours!
    Personally I love giving books away. I’ve got a giveaway coming up now and am really excited for it! But I do love giving gifts in general, so it’s not so much about giving away free copies of my book and more about giving someone a present 🙂

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