Positives out of negativity

The world is a wonderful, turbulent and unpredictable entity. It is beautiful yet harrowing. It gives so much and takes away a lot more. Much, much more. 

I’m an optimist and like to the see the best in everything. No matter what the outcome, there must be something that can be learnt from the experience. 

I like to see the underdogs achieve, to be a spectator as David slays Goliath. I want to read the next number one bestsellers from a writer that was told they wasn’t good enough. I want the wrong to be righted. 

I am not a fan of endings. Once something has ended, what happens after that? The Unknown. I like the door to be left open for happy returns and reunions. I think that’s what annoys me about death. It is something that seems so permanent. I am not a religious soul and skeptical of any greater power. I also could be hypocritical and say that I believe in aliens and life in distant universes.


I am a fan of magic. Not the illusions or the card tricks, but the beauty of magical presence. A tingling sensation that you get when you know you first like someone to that moment that you get goosebumps at a defining spectical. The magic of comfortable silence.

When I was around twelve I looked towards the future and wondered where I would be today. The truth is that I could never see past the next day. I still do not have a five year plan but I have goals and ambitions. I am thankful for living in a nice house next to a beautiful seaside in a lovely town with a wonderful person and amazing pets.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what this post would be about. It’s kind of a monologue of randomness that I overthink on a daily basis. I also like to think it’s gaining the positive out of negativity. We are all survivors and attempt to wade through the waters of the world. I come across so many negative people and opiononated beings that I question the world that I love and live in. Then there are some special people that make me remember. 

We should celebrate, be happy and stand tall. Let’s be optimists, ambition driven and crazy. Let’s veer on the wildside from time to time. Let’s be positive! 


7 thoughts on “Positives out of negativity

  1. What a beautiful post of heartfelt musings. I feel the same as you do in so many ways. I think that’s why at the end of this now I’m as moved as I am. Your words have resonated with me in the best of ways.
    Never lose your positive attitude. Never stop chasing the stars. Never stop believing in yourself. You are a truly special person with so much to offer!

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  2. I could not agree with this post more and have found myself pondering many of the same things. It was especially poignant due to timing. Thank you for sharing such wonderful and beautiful thoughts. I admire you optimism and outlook on life.

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