Good afternoon all.

I have dug myself out of the cave and am ready to post a new short story. It seems like I have been neglecting this blog with the exception of a few links to my book and thought it was time to change that.

Anyway, this short story came about by chance where I just wrote it and it seemed to work. I am unsure if I will continue but there are certain parts of it that have left me thinking.

Hope you enjoy!


“Are you sure this is the place?”

“It’s got to be.”

Cherrie was right, she always was when it came to directions and locations. No one was a better navigator than the geography queen herself Cherrie Davison.

“Looks a bit ominous,” Sasha said running a finger down the cool surface of the metal door.

The building was in the middle an abandoned industrial estate that saw little traffic throughout the day and near to nothing at night. There was no need to be there but Sasha and Cherrie had heard the rumours. The rumours that a business thrived at night, one that was not entirely kosher but needed to be seen to be believed. 

At first the friends ignored the whispers, brushed it off as a hoax. But the longer the rumours were spread the more people believed and the less was said about Building #59. It had been several weeks since the last dreads of communication went out about the ominous location and the temptation had boiled over. Cherrie needed to witness the phenomenon that no one spoke about or shared. Sasha on the other hand was curious but sceptical and wouldn’t rule it out as a way to coerce innocent people out to the middle of nowhere. The rest would have gone in groups, but Cherrie and Sasha lacked that comfort.

“You thought it would have neon arrows?”Cherrie asked in a rhetorical manner as she stumbled over to Sasha in her high heels. They got caught up in the crevices of the broken slabs and were not ideal footwear for such terrain. 

Sasha had always been the more sensible of the two and that night she took on the responsibly of adult. Cherrie, nicknamed for her cherry coloured choice of hair, chose a slimy black dress that barely reached her thighs and heels that made Sasha feel tiny. She had the legs to pull off the whole outfit but she was the one expecting a lot more than Sasha. 

“Don’t just stand there,” Cherrie said as she slapped hard on the metal door to no effect and stepped back.

Sasha held her breath and waited. The location was quiet with only the wind making the area ominous. She didn’t like being in the middle of nowhere but was thankful for having Cherrie at her side. There were worse people to be with if this turned out to be her final night alive.

The door creaked and metal clang sounded as if it was being unlocked. Sasha gasped and held a hand over her mouth not allowing a scream to surface. Cherrie remained her beautiful, confident self, brushing her hair behind her neck and readjusting her breasts to show them at full effect.

The door opened to darkness. Sasha looked at Cherrie but she was focused on the door. The sound of a jacket flapping could be heard in the darkness and a moment later a large figure stepped out. He was tall, dark skinned, over six feet in height and possibly the same in width. He wore a leather jacket and dark clothing. A clipboard was held tight to his chest. His eyes were white and pierced the night. Sasha’s heart thumped and mouth went dry.

“You on the list?”

Sasha recoiled but Cherrie remained stoic. “I don’t believe so.”

His eyes darted back and forth between Sasha and Cherrie, regarding them from top to bottom and sighed. “Newbies, huh?”

Cherrie nodded and Sasha smiled as confident as possible but thought she must have looked stupid. She felt her cheeks flush. Sasha grabbed her friends arm and pulled her in close.

“This is stupid,” Sasha whispered. “Let’s go.”

“Don’t be silly,” Cherrie said brushing her away.

The piercing white eyes just stared. “You two have any idea what happens here? Or you just rumour fed junkies?”

“Erm…” Cherrie mumbled. 

The man sighed and disappeared back into the darkness but did not close the door. Sasha and Cherrie looked at each other. Sasha didn’t like how the night was playing out and was ready to turn around when the man returned holding a burlap sack in each hand.

“If you’re serious, you need to wear these.”

The man threw them and they landed at the girls feet. Sasha and Cherrie shared a confused look. 

“If you want in, put ’em on. If not, get lost.”

Sasha was ready to turn away when Cherrie spoke up. “No, we’re in.”

Sasha looked at the sack and feared the worst.


8 thoughts on “Together

  1. You cannot possibly leave it there!!! The intrigue is brilliant. There’s so much possibility. Why do you write such brilliant shorts and then leave us hanging?
    You have such a talent for writing narratives that grip you from start to finish 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

    Liked by 1 person

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