ARC Review: The Siblings by A. Morgan

A week or so ago, KJ Chapman reviewed my novel and now it is released, I thought it would be good timing to reblog her review which left me with my jaw on the floor 🙂

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The Siblings (Book One) by A. Morgan


 My Review:

This is one for the sci fi, fantasy, and dystopia fans. The Siblings is due for release on April 12th 2016. I was fortunate to get an ARC in exchange for a review. I believe this cover is only temporary, so keep your eyes peeled in the future for the new look.

The narrative is fast moving, action packed, and unexpected. We follow the story of a brother and sister whose lives are ripped apart by a dangerous faction, and watch how they come to terms with what their future roles are in the world as they now know it.

Characters are well developed and distinct, relatable and flawed. These characters have you both rooting for them and questioning their actions. Jest is the protective brother with a questionable history, but a heart in the right place. And Fer is the…

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