The Siblings – Available today!

I have recently tweeted that The Siblings was removed from Pre-Order. It took a heavy heart to do this as I had people ordering in advance and wish to thank them for that.

But when I was making last minute preparations, something bugged me with a certain aspect of the process and in needing to change it, I had to unfortunately cancel the Pre Order.

However, in doing so, I could release the book earlier than planned and this will now be available by the end of the day. I hope that those who preordered will continue to buy the book and I apologise for this.

But I am excited to see the book finally revealed and will be released and available to buy by the end of today! Yes!


7 thoughts on “The Siblings – Available today!

  1. I feel terrible about having missed your release date. With my cousin in from Australia, my days were jam packed. I’m going to be posting a review this week for sure 🙂
    Congratulations on your release! I hope it goes well for you! You have a great story here and I hope that many people are able to discover the joy of it!
    You deserve much success and I wish you all the best ❤

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