Blue Crystals – A short story

Good morning on this wet and windy Easter Monday. I hope you all are enjoying a nice Easter and not working too hard. This week I have set a goal to complete books I have started reading, and in order to do that, I spent a few hours planning posts for the week.  There will be a couple of short stories, a Haiku here and there and any other musing that I may spontaneously write. 

Today I will start with a short story that I didn’t even plan to write but the words started to flow so I just went for it. It’s only a short piece so I hope you enjoy.

                                 Blue Crystals

Blue crystals formed, floated and settled on the hand of the child. The men and women who had travelled the land and risked life and death to witness the celebration of the Rising, gasped. Serentia was barely a few months old, yet her fate had been chosen. 

Hyri stroked his long greying beard, eyes focused on the girl, as the six remaining coloured crystals floated above her redundant. He knew the parents were hoping for the red along with everyone in attendance. All signs and patterns had indicated the same.

King Trule and Queen Shan rose from their respective thrones, Trule stoic and Shan dabbing her tears away as the rest in attendance looked on in shock. The husband and wife regarded the wicker cradle that Serentia rested and giggled in with contempt. Only twenty minutes before had they been devoted to the baby, cuddling and kissing her, telling Serentia that no matter what happened they would love her. 

Hyri knew they didn’t mean it. They had been hoping for the red, and wouldn’t settle for anything less. He knew there would be a next time, and that in the next twelve months they would revisit but with a newborn with similar potential.

“You know what to do, Grand Hyri. Dispose of the child and we shall pay you for your time. We will call all on your services when the time arises,” Queen Shan said with a confident tone, all emotion removed. 

The King and Queen united together with the holding of hands, stepped around the cradle and exited the Cathedral of Tralus with their heads held high and regal as ever. The audience fell to one knee, head bowed and respected the Royal couple as always. 

Hyri neglected the father and mother, eyes locked on the baby as the blue crystals dissolved in her hand. He had heard of his predecessors disposing of unwanted and tainted babies in an ill manner but had yet to be requested to do so. In his fifty years of wizardry the child had always been gifted. This was his first failure. 

Hyri took hold of the handle, lifted the cradle up with ease and followed behind the King and Queen with his head held low. He would turn left once out in the open, the sun high and beating down hard. Hyri ensured the baby was okay as he headed towards the Rivers of Sin, following the red bricked gravel pathway until the sanguineous river was in sight.

Hyri stopped dead, cradle in one hand and thoughts floating in his mind. The thought of murdering the defenceless child was too much to bear, but defying the Royal Family would lead to prosecution and death. 

Time had passed and the sky had darkened when Hyri finally made a decision that would change not only his future but the fate of the Kingdom. He hid the cradle in a nearby bush, ensured it was covered and protected from any type of hunter. He then headed off to receive his payment and would later return for the child. Hyri would take her far away from the Royal presence and raise her as his own, out of the spotlight and never to be seen in the land again. He would wait anxiously for the day when his actions would come back to haunt him.


8 thoughts on “Blue Crystals – A short story

  1. How intriguing! This could be a very interesting story if you developed it more, there’s so much more to be said! Why did he have to kill the child? What happened when the child grew up? Did the parents find out? Why are the blue crystals a bad thing?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What an inspired story! It flowed so well, holding me captive from the start. I’m glad you went with that ending. It leaves room for so much possibility.
    You introduce such intriguing narrative and leave me wanting more…
    Will there be more? Please 🙂
    I could imagine it as a movie ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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