Siblings #2 – Info & Playlist

Good evening all.

We are on the cusp of Good Friday, the day we scoff Hot Cross Buns and generally have a day off. It’s been sometime since I’ve had a holiday and looking forward to the long weekend off. I will ensure I have a lay in, no doubt lasting only til 5am or so, but it will be nice. Good Friday will also mark the Cover reveal – Please do not get excited, I cannot guarantee you will think it is any special, as I plan to change it in three to four months time. Anyway, more on that tomorrow.

In the next couple of weeks I will be setting aside time to start the sequel to The Siblings. I have no timeline in place and it will be finished once it’s all nicely written. But I have heeded the advice of other writers and gave it a potential soundtrack. I have put together a playlist that will no doubt expand but so far I have put together tracks that will suit the theme and others that will get me pumped. For those that were kind enough to read the ARC may have an idea of which ones would suit it. 

Fall Out Boy – The Phoenix
Anna Nalick – Breathe (2am)
Alice Cooper – Pick up the Bones
Backyard babies – Shut the f*ck up
Linkin Park – From the Inside
Imagine Dragons – Monster
Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People
Pearl Jam – Just Breathe
Sixx AM – Life is beautiful
Guns N Roses – Paradise City
System of a Down – Lonely day
Bon Jovi – We weren’t born to follow
Eddie Vedder – Without you 
Fort Atlantic – Let your heart hold fast
Marilyn Manson – We are the Nobodies
Halestorm – You call me a bitch like its a bad thing
Linkin Park – Burning in the skies
Sixx AM – Tomorrow
Michael Monroe – You’re next
Charli XCX – Boom Clap
Limp Bizkit – Boiler
Paramore – The Only Exception 
Marilyn Manson – The Fight Song
Halestorm – Freak like me
Warren Zevon – Keep me in your heart for awhile

Before I start writing I will make a few notes but will listen to this playlist a couple of times to get in the right state of mind. 


10 thoughts on “Siblings #2 – Info & Playlist

  1. We have similar tastes in music! I have a question. (that you may or may not have answered before, but I just don’t remember) How do you personally make writing playlists? I found that everyone has different methods of creating it.
    Congrats with the almost-release! That must be really exciting! πŸ™‚

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    1. Great to hear we have similar tastes πŸ™‚
      I make playlists in many ways.
      I start by thinking of the feel of the story and seeing if I know songs that would fit it. Some on this playlist I forgot about until I started thinking of the story.
      Once I select the songs I want I then create the playlist, but I must listen to the songs before selecting them incase they give a negative feel.
      Hope this makes sense

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      1. It makes perfect sense! πŸ™‚ I make playlists in similar ways, though I already have playlists made that give me a certain feel like ones that are more aggressive and ones that are more slow and allow me to relax and things like that. When I create a writing playlist, I think of the mood I want and go through that certain playlist to make another playlist. i hope THAT made sense. πŸ˜›

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