Being a winner at losing – My story (Part One)

I will not apologise…but this is a warning that this post is a bit of a ramble. I came to realise on the drive home from work that I am so bloody good at being a winner at losing. This post will elaborate on the title of the piece but please do not compare it to me complaining about my life. I love living but at the same time it brings you lows that you must just laugh at. I hope you agree. 

Losing weight

Just to be aware the picture on this section is not me, but I compare it to the way I feel and the battle.


This year I decided to cut the extra weight I have been carrying around as to get fitter but also to aid my weak knees. I took up extra exercise (my body is structured in such a way that I’m broad shouldered and look stupid skinny) to ensure that extra chub burned off with Yoga and weight training. My work started a weight loss group that I got peer pressured into where you pay one pound for entrance and five pound as a forfeit for adding weight. The past few weeks all other members had paid a forfeit with the exception of me. That changed this week due to my workload being too hectic and unable to sustain a steady diet. There may have been a few sweets here and there but I believe that as I sacrificed myself for work (A win as it helps me in the future) I gained weight and lost 5 pound. I have shed over a stone this year but also lost money in the process. Who knows where it will go?

I don’t think I’ll be this ripped but who knows! 

I win (1) I lose (1)

Writing, editing and reading but without the blogs 

This is a tough one as I do not want to bash this form of art as I love it and takes up much cherished time. As I am concentrating on editing my novel and also reading the books that I cannot let go, I have little time to post on here and also to read the great posts done by the amazing bloggers I follow.

I will achieve the edit and publication date (that to follow) and reading great work but miss out on the fun activities and varied posts on here. But soon you fine folk, unfortunately, I will read them and bombard with you comments. You’re welcome 😳

I win (2) I lose (2)


(Underlying errors and difficulties with this section means the information is lost – cannot be read) Oops!

Fantasy Football   

I am a fan of the dire Newcastle United football club. Things will change around for them as I remain faithful to my team. This Premier League season has been different … Way different. 

I have been top of the Fantasy football team for a month or two now and have been doing mediocre over the last two weeks.  

Over the last few weeks my team has been ridden with injuries and game weeks where teams don’t play. To benefit and win I must transfer players out and lose. Are you seeing a pattern here?

I have a range of amazing players from a host of different teams and this week risking no transfers and sticking with a team that I feel is adequate on a bad day. There is money riding on 1st place – they don’t call it the beer fund league for nothing πŸ˜‰

I win (3) I lose (3)

Stag do  

My brother in law is getting married in the next few weeks and have been asked to be a groomsman. I don’t need to do much and I get to attend the stag do which will be pretty amazing. We are clay shooting, visiting a Brewery, drinking and eating. Will be nice to have a day out with family and fun people. Win! Or so I thought?

This week I have worked a stupid amount of hours and had very little sleep, with my spare time concentrating on getting my story up and out. I then found out the pick up time for the stag do is 8.45am. I was hoping for a lay in but it seems like that wasn’t in the cards. Hopefully I manage to sleep. If not, it may be another…

I win (4) I lose (4)

So that is the end of Part one of the way I win at losing. The next part will include, amongst other things, Food, work, Gambling and alcohol!

Is there anything that you find you win at losing with? Thoughts and comments welcome πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Being a winner at losing – My story (Part One)

  1. Great post as this is a feeling we can all identify with.
    I’m intrigued to know about the alien section. Didn’t know you were in a fantasy league-those are great fun to take in part but sucks when players get injured.
    I win at losing everyday…and I mean like the whole day. I wake up each day filled with hope and the best intentions for conquering my to-do list and possible end up getting ahead of the game. Well, that’s all down the drain probably by 8:30 and most of the time, I’m already behind by the time I get up. But I plug along at any rate, do the best I can and tell myself there’s always tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing and can’t wait for pt2

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic post πŸ™‚ And a great perspective, I think!
    I win at losing all the time. Aiming higher than I could ever achieve and the like. But it’s okay. Challenges are normal. We deal with them as we must. One day at a time.
    I only consider something a failure if there’s no effort at all. If there’s no trying, there can be no winning, no losing. So you’re defeated before being begun. As long as an attempt is made, a loss is still a win πŸ™‚
    What is that alien section about? Colour me mystified…

    Liked by 1 person

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