Ghosts are real, for I have seen many in my life. The first was harmless enough. The second and third came to me only when I slept. Harmless as the first. Then I went the next fifteen years without any interruption from the supernatural world, living my life, loving it, untainted. Then one night, the first returned with a warning.

I have yet to go any further with that passage but I have no doubt that I will. Ghosts have played a huge part in my life but haven’t really given it much thought until recently. I made the concsious decision the other night to watch Crimson Peak. It is a ghost story of sorts with a heroine writer, a brother and sister with a dark aura and a very creepy house. I loved every second of it. The design of the clothes and the scenery, the accents, the magnificent actors and dialogue. It is truly worth a viewing if you don’t mind horror and are not scared of ghosts. What it did for me also, was let me revisit my childhood in a way. Please, allow me to elaborate. 

When I was young, I lived in the house with my parents that they had for some time and still live in to this day. Playing with my naivety, my father used to scare me and keep my mind wandering throughout the night by telling me the old owner died in the house and the Ghost of Pepper watched my every move. I was scared witless for many years. Something that did not help was the mysterious scratching sounds that emitted from my built in cupboard on rare occasions.

Things got worse. When I was eleven I watched Interview with the vampire and started to realise there could be worse horrors out in the world and that soon death would claim me. I believe this started my Thanatophobia. It was my own fault for sneaking up to watch it…oh did I mention that I watched Nightmare on elm streets at a very young age and still have nightmares about Mr Krueger :s. I have a love and hate relationship with horror films. I love watching them but at the same despise myself for enjoying things that bring me fear and darkness to my world. Anyway, ghosts.

I soon realised that the Ghost of Pepper was a joke but didn’t stop me from believing that there was something more out there but was put at the back of my mind. Then I met a Geordie lass in my early twenties and my visits to Newcastle and Northumberland increased. 

We both had an interest in hiking and seeing the sights and one day her parents took us for a drive in the country. It was deemed as a good idea to show me the Gallows on the way home. However the sunny day turned into a blistering cold, wet and windy February and when they showed me the Gallows it creeped me right out. Here is a picture but imagine it more dark and rain filled and it is in the middle of nowhere.  

It started my thought process again that ghosts may inhabit that patch of land. There was a presence there that I could not put my finger on. Then, on my same visit, the girls parents took us to this place.

 The beautiful Chillingham caste. Oh, did I mention it is also said to be haunted. It wasn’t too bad at first. Was pleasant and nice. But then we entered one room and on entry it filled me with nausea. At first I thought it was the taxidermy that filled the room but my partner too was feeling the same. It was a struggle to concentrate. The pressure and tension of the room thick. It was as if I was swimming the waves of death. As soon as we exited…we were fine. We made a joke about it later but it once left me tainted by the idea of ghosts.

Then, once again in Northumberland but on a later trip when I was visiting as a friend not a love interest, the freakiest occurrence of my life happened. We had been out for a lovely meal, I can still remember it. I had sausage and mash with onion gravy. We brought some scratch cards on the way back and I was looking forward to a game of football manager once we returned to her parents lodge. (Over the two years I had visited they moved from house to a lovely lodge on a camp site.)

The walk back was a good thirty to forty five minutes away, it was dark and calm without a slight wind in the air and we had to pass a cemetery on our way back. We did this part fine. Even though we were now friends, we held hands as it was dark and creepy, so we kept close and walked through the fallen leaves making little noise. We walked past the cemetery and through the woodland area. But something stopped us.

A mutual unspoken agreement was shared between us and at the same time we turned. The fallen leaves whooshed up in the air as if an almighty wind blasted it (the night was calm). We both screamed like little girls and legged it. We had never run together but we headed back to the lodge so fast and once out of breath we had to call her father for a lift as we were so petrified.

So, I believe in ghosts or in the idea of them. I think they could be something. There is a haunted place close to my town that I have never ventured but the idea is tempting. I have also been tempted to write a ghost story and think that it is getting closer and closer to fruition. I guess my imagination knows no bounds but that is fun.

Have you seen ghosts? Do you believe in them or think the idea is ludicrous? Let me know! 


20 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. When I was younger I was adament that out house was haunted, but over time I’ve talked myself around to the idea that I was being silly. It’s funny how time alters memories and experiences.

    I did have a weird experience the day after my Grandad passed away. Sophie, my daughter, was finishing her drink in her highchair, and watching TV in the lounge, so I started doing dishes. At the far side of my kitchen I had ceramic containers and there was a clink from that area. Nothing had fallen, so I ignored it. Then, I heard it again, much louder. When I went to investigate, I happened to glance into the lounge and saw Sophie stood in her highchair :O She had managed to undo the straps, and was just perched there about to fall. I got to her before she did just that, but then I remembered the noise. It was my hubby that said, ‘that was Grandad Danny warning you.’ I will never know, but it just felt too coincidental.

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    1. It is funny how when we are younger we believe in the ghosts of the world, but as we grow up we soon to reason through it πŸ™‚
      That is too coincidental and you will never know, but it is spooky. You must have been scared witless when you noticed her perched. I bet you was thankful for the containers falling :s
      Thank you for sharing the experience. There are some things that can never be explained πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m the type of person who has to see something or experience it to believe in it. I more so believed it when I was younger because my mother told me they were real and her experiences. A lot of times something happens and there is actually a logical explanation for it but people don’t see that and immediately think its ghosts. Like creaking in your house or a toy going off. Houses can creak and toys can malfunction. I don’t think people who believe in ghosts are nuts, lying, or wrong, I just didn’t go through their experiences so I wouldn’t know.

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  3. I definitely believe in ghosts and spirits. I’ve have a number of instances of feeling another presence who know one else was around. Gusts of wind/drafts, unexplained noises, cold spots. I’ve been lucky to have never felt threatened or truly frightened but have been uneasy at times.
    I’ve wanted to see Crimson Peak for obvious reasons πŸ˜‰ but also because it looked so atmospheric and amazing. I’m a big chicken when it comes to scary movies, having to watch with the lights on if I’m by myself (lights off if someone’s with me) and blanket or pillow at the ready to cover my eyes, but I love them any way. I just have to be sure to watch a couple of baby animal videos or something along those lines before bed (told ya, big ole baby :D)
    This was an excellent post! Thanks for sharing your experiences and I hope your ghost story comes sooner rather than later πŸ˜‰

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    1. Glad you believe too. There can be so many things that are not accounted for. I can see why you would want to watch Crimson Peak πŸ˜‰ but it is such a beautifully crafted if not horrific film.
      Make sure you snuggle up and have a pillow for protection πŸ˜‰

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  4. Back in the day, my hubby and I would go camping at a ghost town about two hours away from where we live. The town was haunted by a number of ghosts and we regularly saw shadow figures around our camp site. I also used to see things when I worked as a scenic painter at a local theme park. There was one who used to pop out if I worked on a certain ride. Rumor was that ghost or spirit wasn’t so friendly, especially to women. It got so bad that I refused to go in there unless a coworker went with me.

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  5. I love the little short! Please write more? It’s such a perfect set-up!
    When I was a child the room with the loft hatch was mine, and every night there were rather loud scratching sounds coming from the loft. Turned out it was a raccoon, but until we realised that it terrified me. It was so noisy, I thought it was possessed!

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    1. I am so tempted to write more of this as I have always wanted to write a ghost story.
      Wow a Raccoon? I love raccoons. But that noise would have been awful and must have been terrifying. Glad you found out what it was!


  6. What a great little short and wonderful post! The idea of ghosts is something that has always thrilled me. Sometimes my sister and I will say that when a chill enters the room it’s because a ghost has walked into it. I love imagining that the dead leave some sort of print on the world. The paranormal is such a fascinating topic.
    I still haven’t gotten to Crimson Peak but I really really really really want to now!
    Thanks for sharing. And inspiring πŸ™‚

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