An update with a bit of man flu


Good Sunday…

In the absence of Serial Sunday, I have decided to include a random update. The other week my wife and other family members were struck down with the flu. I was the surviving member, or so I thought. Things took a turn for the worst Friday and now am weak and feeble and Ill. I was hoping to have the editing done this weekend of The Siblings but as I couldn’t function correctly, I didn’t risk it. 


For those who have said they will be ACR’s, I thank you and will be in contact soon about sending details. 

I will hopefully be ready to send out by next weekend, with the last bit of editing happening this week. I did have a panic and thought I had lost a chapter…soon found it and it took awhile to recuperate. 

This week I will try and publish a few posts as it feels as if I have been neglecting this blog and in the coming weeks you will see the return of Serial Sunday with also the chance of an Awkward part two post…keep an eye out for that. 

This week I also plan to catch up on reading and getting engrossed in to a few books without a coughing fit. 

Thank you for reading…I will now crawl under my blanket and hide for the rest of the day.



12 thoughts on “An update with a bit of man flu

  1. The flu does not discriminate when choosing its victims. Hope you feel better soon and can carry on with the editing process. Glad you were able to recover your chapter.
    Looking forward to having more posts from you as they are a treat πŸ™‚
    Rest up and feel better!

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  2. I hope you feel better soon! Me and my partner usually do well at avoiding flues or colds, but when we don’t it either hits him or me first, and then whoever got away with it gets ill a week later. The cat also joins in the sneezing when the second person gets ill.

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  3. If I knew where you lived (but I don’t so don’t worry about me stalking you. :P) I’d come to your house and give you a bunch of get well soon balloons (because I’m just that cheesy) and a big hug (but not too long because I don’t want to be sick :P).

    I do hope your feeling better, though, and can hopefully get back to living life like a normal person and not a zombie. πŸ™‚

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  4. I hope you feel better soon. It’s good that you’re taking the time to rest and recuperate and not pushing yourself through it. Hope the editing this week goes well. I’m glad you found your chapter. The last time I went through a panic like that didn’t end so well…. The woes of writers. ;P
    I am so excited for your story! And for more posts! Take care of yourself till then πŸ™‚

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