Black Roses – A Poem

Good morning or close to afternoon.I hope all is well on the wonderful Wednesday morning. I have been working on Haikus when I get a spare moment or when the feeling arises and would like to share something I have been working on…or a few should I say.
I hope you enjoy…

Black Roses

Black roses will form,
As the heart starts to decay,
and as feelings fade.

The roots can be stumped,
By a gesture of true love,
And a warm embrace.

The breath of a kiss,
The tenderness of a touch,
And all will be well.


Blue Crystals – A short story

Good morning on this wet and windy Easter Monday. I hope you all are enjoying a nice Easter and not working too hard. This week I have set a goal to complete books I have started reading, and in order to do that, I spent a few hours planning posts for the week.  There will be a couple of short stories, a Haiku here and there and any other musing that I may spontaneously write. 

Today I will start with a short story that I didn’t even plan to write but the words started to flow so I just went for it. It’s only a short piece so I hope you enjoy.

                                 Blue Crystals

Blue crystals formed, floated and settled on the hand of the child. The men and women who had travelled the land and risked life and death to witness the celebration of the Rising, gasped. Serentia was barely a few months old, yet her fate had been chosen. 

Hyri stroked his long greying beard, eyes focused on the girl, as the six remaining coloured crystals floated above her redundant. He knew the parents were hoping for the red along with everyone in attendance. All signs and patterns had indicated the same.

King Trule and Queen Shan rose from their respective thrones, Trule stoic and Shan dabbing her tears away as the rest in attendance looked on in shock. The husband and wife regarded the wicker cradle that Serentia rested and giggled in with contempt. Only twenty minutes before had they been devoted to the baby, cuddling and kissing her, telling Serentia that no matter what happened they would love her. 

Hyri knew they didn’t mean it. They had been hoping for the red, and wouldn’t settle for anything less. He knew there would be a next time, and that in the next twelve months they would revisit but with a newborn with similar potential.

“You know what to do, Grand Hyri. Dispose of the child and we shall pay you for your time. We will call all on your services when the time arises,” Queen Shan said with a confident tone, all emotion removed. 

The King and Queen united together with the holding of hands, stepped around the cradle and exited the Cathedral of Tralus with their heads held high and regal as ever. The audience fell to one knee, head bowed and respected the Royal couple as always. 

Hyri neglected the father and mother, eyes locked on the baby as the blue crystals dissolved in her hand. He had heard of his predecessors disposing of unwanted and tainted babies in an ill manner but had yet to be requested to do so. In his fifty years of wizardry the child had always been gifted. This was his first failure. 

Hyri took hold of the handle, lifted the cradle up with ease and followed behind the King and Queen with his head held low. He would turn left once out in the open, the sun high and beating down hard. Hyri ensured the baby was okay as he headed towards the Rivers of Sin, following the red bricked gravel pathway until the sanguineous river was in sight.

Hyri stopped dead, cradle in one hand and thoughts floating in his mind. The thought of murdering the defenceless child was too much to bear, but defying the Royal Family would lead to prosecution and death. 

Time had passed and the sky had darkened when Hyri finally made a decision that would change not only his future but the fate of the Kingdom. He hid the cradle in a nearby bush, ensured it was covered and protected from any type of hunter. He then headed off to receive his payment and would later return for the child. Hyri would take her far away from the Royal presence and raise her as his own, out of the spotlight and never to be seen in the land again. He would wait anxiously for the day when his actions would come back to haunt him.

The Siblings  – Cover reveal & Release date

Good Friday one and all!

I wish to thank the ARC readers for their time and patience at reading the story. I know there were typos and grammatical errors and sorry you had to wade through them -I believe they are all sorted now 🙂 

I have gone through a few ideas with the covers and have settled on one. However, in the next few months this cover will change in preparation for a series matching cover. I am currently working on designs for this and am excited but will take many more days and weeks in the making.


So here is the reveal…I think it matches part of the story quite well.


It portrays the ominous view of what could be classed as the Pit along with the hope of the life of the trees and grass with a divide. I am also a huge fan of black and white and shows how dark the world has turned.

On to the release date. If you would be as kind to mark Tuesday April 12th in your diaries. This will be the release date. This will give me enough time to check a few things, promote and generally get excited. Also I have a couple of weddings to go to and Specialists to see around my failing body and this will slot nicely in and give me a boost! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you thought the reveal was anticlimactic I am sorry. Let’s hope you enjoy the story 🙂

Siblings #2 – Info & Playlist

Good evening all.

We are on the cusp of Good Friday, the day we scoff Hot Cross Buns and generally have a day off. It’s been sometime since I’ve had a holiday and looking forward to the long weekend off. I will ensure I have a lay in, no doubt lasting only til 5am or so, but it will be nice. Good Friday will also mark the Cover reveal – Please do not get excited, I cannot guarantee you will think it is any special, as I plan to change it in three to four months time. Anyway, more on that tomorrow.

In the next couple of weeks I will be setting aside time to start the sequel to The Siblings. I have no timeline in place and it will be finished once it’s all nicely written. But I have heeded the advice of other writers and gave it a potential soundtrack. I have put together a playlist that will no doubt expand but so far I have put together tracks that will suit the theme and others that will get me pumped. For those that were kind enough to read the ARC may have an idea of which ones would suit it. 

Fall Out Boy – The Phoenix
Anna Nalick – Breathe (2am)
Alice Cooper – Pick up the Bones
Backyard babies – Shut the f*ck up
Linkin Park – From the Inside
Imagine Dragons – Monster
Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People
Pearl Jam – Just Breathe
Sixx AM – Life is beautiful
Guns N Roses – Paradise City
System of a Down – Lonely day
Bon Jovi – We weren’t born to follow
Eddie Vedder – Without you 
Fort Atlantic – Let your heart hold fast
Marilyn Manson – We are the Nobodies
Halestorm – You call me a bitch like its a bad thing
Linkin Park – Burning in the skies
Sixx AM – Tomorrow
Michael Monroe – You’re next
Charli XCX – Boom Clap
Limp Bizkit – Boiler
Paramore – The Only Exception 
Marilyn Manson – The Fight Song
Halestorm – Freak like me
Warren Zevon – Keep me in your heart for awhile

Before I start writing I will make a few notes but will listen to this playlist a couple of times to get in the right state of mind. 

A novel anthem – Pick up the Bones

I have been reading blogs and speaking to others around music and playlists helping with ideas for stories and some adding the perfect backdrop.

I dived into some songs I knew would be great inspiration for the second novel in the Sibling saga and looked at bands ranging from Linkin Park to Marilyn Manson before an idea hit. 

In 2000, Alice Cooper released an amazing album entitled Brutal Planet. It was atmospheric, haunting, lyrically brilliant and has stuck with me for sixteen years. Then I chose the song that is my favourite on the whole album – Pick up the bones.

It’s ghostly tune and raw vocals just add to the great lyrics, and as soon as I started I got goosebumps and realised that a story needs to be told in a perspective of a character that in the first you don’t know much about. I don’t want to give much away but this got me excited. I have added the lyrics below but if you get chance I recommend checking it out.

Pick up the Bones

Collecting pieces of my family
In an old pillow case
This one has a skull
But it don’t have a face

These look like the arms of father so strong
And the ring on this finger
Means my Grandmother’s gone
Here’s some legs in a pile
Where my sister once played
Here’s some mud made of blood
And these teeth are decayed
The ear of my brother
The hand of a friend
And I just can’t
Put them back together again

Pick up the bones
And set them on fire
Follow the smoke going higher and higher
Pick up the bones
And wish them goodnight
Pray them a prayer and turn out the light
There are stains on the floor
Where the kitchen once stood
There are ribs in the fireplace
Mixed with the wood
There are forces in the air
Ghosts in the wind
Some bullets in the back
And some scars on the skin

There were demons with guns
Who marched through this place

Killing everything that breathed
They’re an inhuman race

There are holes in the walls
Bloody hair on the bricks
And the smell of this hell
Is making me sick

Pick up the bones
And set them on fire
Follow the smoke going higher and higher

Pick up the bones
And wish them goodnight
Pray them a prayer and turn out the light

Pick up the bones
And set them on fire
Follow the smoke going higher and higher

Pick up the bones
And wish them goodnight
Pray them a prayer and turn out the light

Now maybe someday
The suns gonna shine
Flowers will bloom
And all will be fine

But nothing will grow
On this burnt cursed ground
Cuz the breath of the death

Is the only sound

My heart thuds

 Good late Sunday or early Monday!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend that was exciting and relaxing with the correct amount of down time. 

I spent the Saturday hurting my shoulder in the shooting of clay discs and having an informative tour of Faversham Brewery that was amazing. A few pints may have also been consumed 🙂

It was the first day in ages that I had away from the strains of work and took my mind off the upcoming novel and future projects. Sunday morning when I woke refreshed – yes, to my surprise I woke with no hangover – I was filled with motivation and inspiration. I think I needed the time to let go and free up subconscious thinking time. I now have blog ideas, planned time to read and read blogs and then start the next part to my Sibling book. I’ll give an update on things over the next week but watch out for Friday’s post. Good Friday will bring a cover reveal and date of release. 

But first…here is a short story I wrote off the cuff a short while ago. It’s something that spring to mind and knew I had to jot it down. It’s broken into four parts, all with a 60 word count. 

My heart thuds


Goosebumps spread over my skin as she presses tight against my body, her hand on my thigh and head on my chest. Her perfume reaches my nostrils and a chill runs over my neck. I look down at the girl and fear fills my body. Is she really the one or have I chosen the wrong girl? My heart thuds.


I grip close to him. Is this for real? His breath and aroma is way too much. It is beautiful. I have told many a lie for this moment. If he loves me, he will forgive me. I pray that he doesn’t uncover the truth. I have one death hanging over my head, I cannot allow another. My heart thuds.

Game changer

I wait in the shadows to make my move. They cannot see me. I’m invisible; to them and to all that surround me. Stuck in a capsule, a locked space unable to free myself. The noise I make falls on deaf ears. An approach would be futile. I wait as life and death rests on my shoulders. My heart thuds.

The prose 

The name changes but the stories remain the same. The voice will guide whilst the actions animate the emotions. It’s a tale of three, the first and foremost the embodiment of naivety. The second a little bit loopy, off the wall and out the asylum. The third and final teller, the bringer to the table must be feared and forgotten.

Being a winner at losing – My story (Part One)

I will not apologise…but this is a warning that this post is a bit of a ramble. I came to realise on the drive home from work that I am so bloody good at being a winner at losing. This post will elaborate on the title of the piece but please do not compare it to me complaining about my life. I love living but at the same time it brings you lows that you must just laugh at. I hope you agree. 

Losing weight

Just to be aware the picture on this section is not me, but I compare it to the way I feel and the battle.


This year I decided to cut the extra weight I have been carrying around as to get fitter but also to aid my weak knees. I took up extra exercise (my body is structured in such a way that I’m broad shouldered and look stupid skinny) to ensure that extra chub burned off with Yoga and weight training. My work started a weight loss group that I got peer pressured into where you pay one pound for entrance and five pound as a forfeit for adding weight. The past few weeks all other members had paid a forfeit with the exception of me. That changed this week due to my workload being too hectic and unable to sustain a steady diet. There may have been a few sweets here and there but I believe that as I sacrificed myself for work (A win as it helps me in the future) I gained weight and lost 5 pound. I have shed over a stone this year but also lost money in the process. Who knows where it will go?

I don’t think I’ll be this ripped but who knows! 

I win (1) I lose (1)

Writing, editing and reading but without the blogs 

This is a tough one as I do not want to bash this form of art as I love it and takes up much cherished time. As I am concentrating on editing my novel and also reading the books that I cannot let go, I have little time to post on here and also to read the great posts done by the amazing bloggers I follow.

I will achieve the edit and publication date (that to follow) and reading great work but miss out on the fun activities and varied posts on here. But soon you fine folk, unfortunately, I will read them and bombard with you comments. You’re welcome 😳

I win (2) I lose (2)


(Underlying errors and difficulties with this section means the information is lost – cannot be read) Oops!

Fantasy Football   

I am a fan of the dire Newcastle United football club. Things will change around for them as I remain faithful to my team. This Premier League season has been different … Way different. 

I have been top of the Fantasy football team for a month or two now and have been doing mediocre over the last two weeks.  

Over the last few weeks my team has been ridden with injuries and game weeks where teams don’t play. To benefit and win I must transfer players out and lose. Are you seeing a pattern here?

I have a range of amazing players from a host of different teams and this week risking no transfers and sticking with a team that I feel is adequate on a bad day. There is money riding on 1st place – they don’t call it the beer fund league for nothing 😉

I win (3) I lose (3)

Stag do  

My brother in law is getting married in the next few weeks and have been asked to be a groomsman. I don’t need to do much and I get to attend the stag do which will be pretty amazing. We are clay shooting, visiting a Brewery, drinking and eating. Will be nice to have a day out with family and fun people. Win! Or so I thought?

This week I have worked a stupid amount of hours and had very little sleep, with my spare time concentrating on getting my story up and out. I then found out the pick up time for the stag do is 8.45am. I was hoping for a lay in but it seems like that wasn’t in the cards. Hopefully I manage to sleep. If not, it may be another…

I win (4) I lose (4)

So that is the end of Part one of the way I win at losing. The next part will include, amongst other things, Food, work, Gambling and alcohol!

Is there anything that you find you win at losing with? Thoughts and comments welcome 🙂