The Siblings Edit – A quick update

 Good Sunday one and all!

For the past week I have been working hard on the edit of The Siblings, my first foray into the self publishing world. So far it is going well, I have cut a lot of information that was no longer needed, eliminated a few unnecessary characters and even included a few more that I didn’t realise until the edit were needed. At the moment I have done all editing on the laptop and has worked well for me, seeing that I did the majority of the writing on my phone. 

I have adjusted the minor spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and hopefully by next weekend I will be at a point where I may ask if anyone is interested in an advanced copy. Even typing that has wrecked me with nerves and jitters, my hands trembling and my mouth drooling – okay it’s not that bad but you get the jist. I am nervous. 

I have allowed my short stories to shine and fall in this blog but to venture into the novel reading world worries and pains me. This story has been an amazing experience to write and I do worry that it may fall. I need to shove those feelings away and allow the positive ones to flow. When I thought about the prospect of releasing the novel I stopped walking and the realisation overcame me. I eventually carried on. I am now realising it is nerves of excitement as well, the thought of publishing an achievement in many that I hope to complete. 

So please let me know if you are interested in reading and for the lucky few we can discuss the finer details nearer the time.

Does anyone else have similar fears as myself? How do you battle them? If you feel like opening up, please let me know πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “The Siblings Edit – A quick update

  1. In my experience (such that it is), most of the time, nerves are a good thing. It’s a sign that you care and are passionate about what you’re doing. If you didn’t have them, it might mean that you’re not totally invested.
    It’s always scary when we share our writing with others because they’re not just sharing words on a page. We’re sharing a piece of ourselves, our souls with the outside world. It’s a big deal and one that should be taken lightly. There may be people (idiots) who don’t like The Siblings but screw ’em. You’ve accomplished something most people only end up dreaming about. You’ve written a damn novel and are having it published. Go you!
    I say embrace the nerves because it means you’re doing something right πŸ˜€

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  2. I am always nervous when I send out ARC’s and for release. I am a bag of nerves for Tuesday (release of EVO Shift). We invest so much time and energy into our work, that of course we want others to appreciate it. Nerves are a good thing!

    I would love to be an advanced reader πŸ™‚

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  3. The thought of sending it to someone to read makes me nervous but a little excited. I’m sending my entire manuscript to a beta reader in a few days and I’m so nervous but eager to read their thoughts. Like you, I do feel my story will fall but regardless it is fun to write and I still keep going. Its a huge accomplishment to publish and I can’t wait for that day. πŸ™‚

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  4. Congrats! Getting through the editing is a big accomplishment. You’re almost there! Isn’t it amazing how one missing character can fix so many issues? I totally understand about your fears, but just think, people will be reading your story. All the time and effort you put into your project will come into a small rectangle that people can carry around with them. Some may like it, some might not. But that’s okay. You’re sharing something special with the world that no one else could have written. Be excited!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read! It is amazing how things change and issues are fixed with an introduction or removal of a character. Thank you for the encouragement and support, it means a lot and I am very excited, and shaky!


  5. I am so excited to hear how this is coming along! I would of course love to be an advanced reader. I understand if you already have too many, though. I’m late to the party, silly hermit ;P
    Fears are normal. I think that small anxieties are a good part of life – it shows how much we care. For myself and my WIP, I’ve been holding onto it for ten years and I see it like my baby. As any parents worries about sending their child off into the world, so I worry about what will happen to mine once I introduce it to people beyond my inner circle. As long as we don’t allow these nervous energies to prevent us from achieving, to prevent us from trying, then there’s nothing wrong with a few jitters.
    I hope that the rest of your editing has gone well. I can’t wait to read this story!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Of course I don’t have too many and will gladly add you to the short list.
      Aww I like your way of thinking it as a baby and a worrying parent. I am sure that you should have no fears about your story πŸ™‚
      Thank you for the encouragement and kind words πŸ™‚

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