Serial Sunday Finale – Evie

Good morning and happy Sunday! 

I hope everyone is well and ready for the Series Finale of Serial Sunday Professor Hokum. This isn’t goodbye from the story, just that I want to take a short break away from it so that I have time to complete my edit and other nagging things in my world.

If you haven’t, please trace back and have a look at the origin of this story over the last so many Sunday’s and thank you for the readers who come back for more πŸ™‚ I appreciate the time you take to read and comment! 


I’m not scared. I’m not scared.
Evie would repeat this over and over in her head, not allowing the behemoth that sat in front of her to hear her concerns. She took a step back and took the stranger’s appearance in.
At any other time she may have thought of the man as handsome. He was tall and muscular, but that did not make him strong, as she had proven, looks can be deceiving. The man’s jaw line was prominent and his hair slicked back from the rain. His head hung to the side, blood dripped from the corner of his mouth from the blow Evie had delivered when he had not answered correctly. The hilt of the dagger dug into the skin of her hand as she eyed the intruder with her hand clenched.
“Staff,” the man groaned, spitting blood to the side of the chair. 
Evie’s eyes widened and heart fluttered. She had not expected him to communicate, but perhaps the blow did some good. Staff, if he was truthful with his name, straightened in his seat, the rope bound tight against his body and around the seat. He did not seem to struggle, he just sat there and smiled the hideous grin once more.
“You don’t understand. You are just a pathetic girl, being led by a man who you know nothing about.”
Evie struggled but contained her composure. She could not allow her hatred to show. Evie stepped forward, ran the back of her fingers over the man’s right temple and smiled.
“Why would you care so much? Why does it matter that I have put myself in his trust? What makes you think it matters?” Evie whispered. 
Staff’s eyes darkened and pulled away from her hand.
“See, pathetic. You do not know even why you were left on his doorstep. The real reason he showed you the beings in the park. He thinks it will make you stronger; but the more he holds back, the more likely you will fleet.”
Evie slapped the man hard across the face out of frustration. Staff smirked and spat out blood, a gesture that angered Evie more but she pulled a blow back. She turned and paced around the room, thinking, her mind swirling with thoughts.
Staff knew much more than he was letting on and Evie had to come up with a plan to ease the information out of him. She stopped dead mid step and clutched the dagger tight, her head turning towards the man and a smile of her own returning. Evie approached Staff and stabbed the dagger deep in to his leg, pulling it out then imitating the action on the opposite leg. Staff screamed and the sound was music to her ears. 
“If you cannot give me the answers I need, then I only have one option. Speak to a man who can. Looks like your time is up.”
Evie kicked him hard in the face, the first time in a long while she used her agile frame to her advantage. The chair tipped back from the momentum and hit hard against the floor. Evie peered over at him clutching the dagger tight. 
“You had your chance, Staff. You had your chance.” 
She raised her hand up, her mind and body filled with rage, ready to execute the final blow. 
“You are the saviour, Evelyn,” a voice echoed throughout the area.
Evie turned in a swift fashion, forgetting about Staff and facing a silhouette resting against the entrance. 
“The reason why Professor Hokum was not killed by that filth on the floor, is the same one as why he hoped to kill you.”
Evie’s heart thumped and sweat perspired from her pores. “Why?” Evie’s voice wavered and her confidence was lost in the question.
“If you die and Hokum lives, the human world falls,” the voice said with a hint of humour. “But the question you should really be thinking about, is how you will kill the Professor. How will you kill a being that is immortal?” 
The silhouette disappeared and made way to the backdrop of rain. Evie dropped the dagger and stared into the dark night. 


12 thoughts on “Serial Sunday Finale – Evie

  1. Oh my gosh you’re leaving us there!??? So many unanswered questions, and Evie managed to kick it up another notch, literally. Lol. Great writing. πŸ™‚ Hope your editing is going well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. (I will not yell and rant and pitch a fit…I will not yell and rant and pitch a fit…*deep calming breath*)
    Okay, first off…great job! Loved the forward momentum of the story and the further evolution of Evie. She’s a badass!
    Secondly, completely understand your reasonings behind taking a break. This reminds me of one of those mid-season finales that also love to use CLIFF HANGERS!!!! *sigh*
    Here’s hoping this hiatus doesn’t last as long as those!
    Brilliant as always πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just as this story throws us another brilliant twist, you go and leave us dangling off a cliff… All I know is I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next one whenever it comes! Thank you for delighting us so far with your stories. They are a pleasure to read ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Goodness, Evie’s really got her bitchy side out here! I like it! There are so many unanswered questions, though, it’s not fair of you to leave us here! She’s gotten so feisty, I think she might actually try to kill the Professor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She definitely has turned from the character in the background to menacing.
      It’s been fun to write and sometimes I don’t know what’s happening until the words are written.
      We shall see what happens, but hopefully I will not leave you waiting for long πŸ™‚
      Thank you for reading πŸ™‚


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