Seven sins of Hazar – #1 Josela


Good Saturday to you all. So. I am editing the Sibling novel and having a great time with it. Revisiting old friends, deleting strays and including key aspects that were over looked. Knowing the majority of the changes in advance as helped with the progress. Something was missing though; writing. 

Yes I wrote in little parts of the novel you may say. But I missed a new story challenge. Instead of correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, I chose to start another journey. The story I have included in this post is experimental. I wanted to test the water. This is raw and unedited so apologises for any mistakes. It’s a fantasy concept and was an idea that blossomed from a thought: If I were to exact revenge, how would I do so? 

                                Josela #1

Josela. The teachers pet. 
I always knew she would be the first to arrive at the scene. Unsure and unwise. Josela had powers, a strength of magic that was at times unmatched but her intelligence and common sense lacked appeal and strength. Without any of the other six, she was an easy target. I knew I had to move fast. If I didn’t, I would miss out on a glorious opportunity. The risk of letting the others catch up would spoil the plan. 

A vile of sanguineous liquid had sat in my pocket for the last three days. It was uncommon in the District of Nemar, but I managed to coerce a tradesman in to giving up his supply. Nothing a dagger to the throat and a threat on his life wouldn’t solve. Before I could drop from the ledge, I needed to down the vile. It would be my strength and weakness, my guidance and my timer. Things come with a price, and even men like me need to do desperate things. I needed to cover my bases, leave no room for error. I popped the cork and downed the vile, the taste bitter and metallic. It was like drinking blood, but I knew different. The poison slid down my throat smoother than I had expected. No gagging reflexes or second thoughts. It was time to make my move.
Josela, one of the seven deadly sins owned by Hazar, would be the first to fall, and if I could help it, not the last.

Picture the scene.
I sat on a concrete slab that jutted out from the mountain side. Ivy and moss covered the rock side giving it colour. An orange sky lit the darkening leaves of the entrance to the forest to which Josela approached. She weaved in and out of the pine trees with hesitance. I did not blame her, Josela should fear the forest for I own it. 

I only managed to catch her face for a few seconds, the white hood of her cloak concealing it as she moved. The assassin was petite but in her time could be deadly. I would need to be cautious of that fact. From the look of the material, the cloak was light and allowed her to move with ease. I looked out in to the distance and saw no other enemy approach. I made my move. Three long strides back and four in return and I was off the mark, plunging towards the forest, arms spread like an eagle.

I exhaled as I leapt, allowing all air to leave me and placing gravity in control. The balance soon evened, and with some mindful manipulation, I guided myself between the trees, twisting my body into a twirling spiral and onto the hard surface of the forest soil. Even the under privileged were cursed with some form of magic in their blood. For me, the gift of manipulation. It took several years to master and one day to put to the test. 

My body jolted, temporarily winded from the force of the land. I managed to stabilise myself, hands outstretched, knees bent and into a forward roll. It took a moment for my breathing to return to normal as I concealed myself behind a tree. The good thing about manipulation is that I was able to silence out the impact. The downside, the magic source depletes and takes time to replenish. I now had nothing but my wits on my side.

Josela I could hear approached. She was light but the sound of the twigs beneath her feet aided me. I removed the Crescedent Dagger from underneath my black jacket and held it firm. By the sound only, she would pass any minute, and I had to brace myself. 

I counted down. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six.

Josela past the tree, I took a step and placed the dagger into her side. A scream escaped Josela’s mouth unlike any I had heard before. This was coupled with a force that knocked the wind from my sails and threw me ten feet and hard against a tree. I landed awkwardly but there was no resulting damage. As I stumbled to my feet, caked in dirt and leaves, Josela approached. The dagger had been removed and her cloak was stained blood red. Her face was concealed by the shadows but I knew there was malice hidden beneath. She charged with the dagger clenched in her hand. I smiled. 

I crouched and removed the stunted dagger from within my boot. Pushing up with my feet and an outstretched hand, I caught Josela with the dagger to the heart, imbedding deep. My own dagger slicing my arm but causing no lasting damage. She fell. I dropped to my knees breathless as blue and white sparkles left the corpse of Josela and headed for the heavens. I heard stories that magic returned to the Gods once a life expired, for it to be replenished. Magic was a gift, not heredity as many had believed. That was the downfall of Josela. I placed her in a position to use her natural instinct; violence. I caused her pain that led her to charge at me, where any balanced individual would have turned to their magic. She had caught me with a defensive blow, but her attack was emotion driven.

I admit it was a gamble on my part, but you don’t get anywhere without a few risks. I did the decency of closing the soulless eyes of Josela and turned towards the entrance. A fist caught me on the chin and knocked me hard against a tree several feet away. I didn’t expect the next dance so soon. 

Something whizzed past my ear and thudded. I groaned, testing my jaw. It wasn’t broken but certainly hurt more than a standard blow would inflict. I looked to the side. An arrow was oembedded in to the tree.

Something was different. I looked up. A colossus figure bounded for me as a lithe individual swing from tree to tree above, bow and arrow to the side.

Life and death got a little more interesting. 

The story in the post is owned by Hyperactivepandemoniun. 


9 thoughts on “Seven sins of Hazar – #1 Josela

  1. Gah, what happens next? I loved this so much. The language was so vivid and flowed so well. Need more!

    I totally understand missing writing. I’m so glad you got that thought of inspiration. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this story! I know you have been busy finishing and now editing The Siblings but I missed your stories–Professor Hokum is wonderful but you know me, I always want more :p Its amazing how so much can be born from simple questions.
    This did not disappoint, as I was immediately drawn in to the story and its action. You have a great talent for setting the scene and capturing the perfect tone. I loved everything about it and I can’t wait to read more! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I am glad you enjoyed reading this as it was thoroughly enjoyable to write. It was a different take on an idea and hoping to continue in the future perhaps πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comments, it means so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no, it simply can’t end there! You have a real talent for writing in first-person POV! And your descriptions are so vivid, drawing us into the tales. The balance between action and rumination is seamless. A truly inspired tale. I am always excited to read the next in the Hokum series and cannot wait for Siblings, and it’s wonderful to be gifted with these tales in-between! Never stop writing. You have a gift πŸ™‚


  4. I love the concept of magic returning to God once the soul has passed on, that was a beautiful visual! You’ve got me curious. Do you think you’ll continue this for a while, see where it takes you? I get what you mean, when I edited Rise of the Sparrows I got really twitchy, too. I’m planning on doing a lot of writing this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do not delve much in to the magic realms but this story spoke to me and couldn’t help but not write it. I am tempted to toy with this more and see where it leads.
      Yeah, us writers need to write or we may get cranky or twitchy πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

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