Super Sunday – 125 words

Happy Sunday all! Hope you are all having a wonderful morning! This week is a Super Sunday edition. The first post being a 125 word story. This will be followed later in the day by the serial Sunday Professor Hokum post. 

I am in the giving mood, but also, wanted to trial a first person perspective I am not that good at. It’s new to me and would love to hear what you think 🙂


I pin her body against the wall as soon as she enters the flat.

I had waited all day for her to return. Teasing messages of love and lust filtered my inbox all day. I could not wait any longer and she knew it. It was time for me to make her wait.

I kissed her soft lips, brushing my tongue over hers and pressing my body closer. My hand slipped down over her skirt and press hard between her legs. She moans. I like that.

Her hands are pinned tight to the door with my grip. Not a word passes our lips as I run my hand under her skirt and brush her warm lace panties. She is just as excited as I am.


5 thoughts on “Super Sunday – 125 words

  1. I think you did a mighty fine job with that first person narrative! Your words are perfectly chosen, your tale evocatively woven! I’d love to see you venture into more first person trials in the future 🙂 Anything you write is a joy to read!

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      1. I have such issues with first person 😛 I’ve been trying more lately, but it’s difficult to get into a character’s head sometimes. I guess that writing more of it is the best way to ameliorate our craft 🙂

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