Serial Sunday – Hokum

Hello all to part two of Super Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed the first part, but now back to the scheduled addition of Serial Sunday. This one is shorter than planned. I had a thought after the final word was written on how it needs to lead.

I hope you enjoy this part.


A knock awoke Hokum from his sleep.

It took a moment for him to adjust. He was on the sofa, laid out, with a book face down on his chest. Hokum placed the book it on the table and swung his legs over, his hands running through his hair. The knock a second time was louder, more abrupt.

Hokum never had visitors, except for that one night Evie had been dumped on his doorstep. Evie.

The Professor stood, tiptoed to the edge of the room and peered at the front door. He glanced towards the room Evie had been holed up in and bit his lip. A nervous tick he had done since childhood.

A knock struck louder, this time shaking the door. Hokum stepped towards the door. Before he could get to it, the frame swung open, knocking Hokum to the carpet, rain sweeping in to the building. The Professor landed awkwardly, hitting his arm against the table and rendering it useless. 

A tall dark imposing figure stood over him, his clothes stuck to his skin and the man’s hair swept back. A dagger held tight in the strangers right hand. “I’m not here for you old man. As you are aware, you are better off alive to us. The girl on the hand, she needs to be killed.”

A boot landed on the skull of Hokum. He groaned as the man stepped over him and headed to the side as if knowing the room Evie occupied. 

“Evie,” Hokum croaked, a scream coming to nothing. 

The Professor’s eyes glazed over and his last thought was of Evie. The world turned to darkness.


8 thoughts on “Serial Sunday – Hokum

  1. Words. Where are my words? Why do you fail me now? Where’s the next installment??
    Sorry, had to get that out of my system! Yet another brilliant addition to this intriguing & thrilling tale. Hokum & Evie are such wonderful characters and I care for their well-being immensely! Thanks for drawing me into this amazing story. I can’t wait — really really really — for the next part 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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