Two Shorts and a Haiku

Good morning, or afternoon, evening and night! It all depends on where you are based, but also, the time you are reading this. I like to be diverse and include all regions. I have had some spare time and have chosen to inundate you with stories. I may have sold myself too much there.

In this post I have included three short pieces. They include a Haiku and two shorts. The words came to me in a flash and thought I should share them. I hope you enjoy.


Sun shone through the trees,
Amber leaves fell to the ground,
as the seasons changed.

Sixty word story

Fingers stroked her face with delicacy. A smile creased across the pale face of Nina and their lips touched. Jerry’s heart pounded against his chest like a progressive drum beat and showed no sign of slowing. It was a moment he had been dreaming of since the first day they met. The first day of the rest of their lives. 

Corporeal Shadows

Sasha dropped the keys on to the glass coffee table and sauntered off to the bathroom in a drunken state. Harrison watched her go as he closed the door behind him. They had met that night at the office party, Sasha unaware that he had sat in the same room as her for the last twelve weeks, adjusting spreadsheets and designing forms. It wasn’t impossible that she hadn’t noticed him and he was thankful that she had not. As if their glances had met a day or two sooner, then that night may have never happened. It was as if fate had been waiting for the correct moment. It was more than that, and Harrison knew it. It was planned.
Sasha came back into the room in nothing but a lace black bra and French knickers. Harrison was dumbstruck, he had never imagined her body to be so stunning. Sasha approached with a teasing smile, as if she knew Harrison’s thought process. Fortunately for her, she was wrong. He was built different.
Harrison grabbed her hands as she reached for his face and pulled them behind her back as he forced Sasha against the wall.
“Do not make another sound, for if you do, they will kill you,” Harrison whispered.
Sasha looked at Harrison, her mood darkening as she looked around the room. “What? Who?”
“Them,” Harrison said as he nodded towards the walls behind him.
The shadows slipped from the surfaces and crevices and danced until they were a corporeal form. Despite having no facial features, Harrison knew they were looking at Sasha, waiting to make a move and claiming her as one of their own. It was up to Harrison to stop them.




7 thoughts on “Two Shorts and a Haiku

  1. Wow, three for the price of one blog post! Great job on three! All were visual and painted such clear pictures.
    You sixty word story was lovely and sweet.
    The last one was intriguing and left me wanting more. You have a knack for teasing your readers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aren’t we a lucky group? 😉 Three pieces in one. Your haikus are always brilliant! Your sixty word story reminds me of those series of first shorts that you had written a few months ago. So wonderful 🙂 Your longer short sets an intriguing premise that promises a unique tale indeed!
    Thanks for taking the time to share all of these with us. So very well enjoyed. As always ;D

    Liked by 1 person

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