Work in progress Wednesday

 I have been silent from this blog for way too long! Okay it’s been three days but seems like a decade for me. I plan to write up the Liebster award questions but will get to them when I can. This one, I want to thank Holly Evans at for tagging me in to this! It’s been fun to answer these questions and you should, NO, you must,  take a look at Holly’s blog. You won’t regret it.

On to the questions!

                             WIP WEDNESDAY

How many works in progress do you currently have in progress?

I have a feature length novel, a serial short and a novella in the works.

Tell us about them!

A couple I have already spoken about and some of my constant readers may already know about. The novel is called The Siblings. It is a Dystopian style story where the world has fallen apart and tells the tale of a brother and sister who are separated by different organisations and trapped in separate circumstances with ulterior motives.

The serial short is based around Professor Hokum and Evie and their relationship. This is available on my blog every Sunday.

The novella is something I will keep Secret for the time being but may, may, may be based on a previous blog entry and is currently in the thought process.

Who’s your favourite character from your projects?

That is quite a tricky one to answer. In The Siblings it is Private Young but love writing from the brother and sister aspects too.
In the Serial Sunday, I have no favourite. Both are great to write and come naturally. They are at either ends of a very large spectrum. 

Don’t hold back, tell us all about said favourite character!

Private Young. He is a confident character most of the time caught up on the wrong side of the fence. His actions can be questionable but his motives are always to do the best thing, even if sometimes they are selfish. I enjoy writing his character as he has a different standpoint from the rest and was fun to find about him. He was not planned in to the original concept but sneaked in as a bit player and turned into something much more.  

How did this project come about?

It spawned from a brilliant writing prompt from K.J Chapman for a short story and blossomed into a novel. I posted the first three parts (now chapters) on this blog. They were published at the start of December 2015 and if you have not read them you can find them there. They are titled:

Bound: The Siblings
Operation: Fer
Operation: Jest

What’s the best part of this project for you? Which bit do you most enjoy?

The whole writing process for this project is a pleasure. I have never been stumped and even when I do need to think about a few things,it comes up trumps. I even look forward to the editing process as I am also at a close on the first draft and already know I need to juggle a few things and sharpen up some points. 

Share something from the project with us! A favourite line, a scene, something you feel comfortable with. 

“Why are you so afraid to love?”
“I’m not afraid, just suspicious. Why do our souls crave the one thing that can hurt us most deeply?”
“Because it is natural. Fighting it is futile, love will always win.”
Jest jumped to his feet, placed his hands on his hips and looked out towards the vast land. It was beautiful. The green fields stretched out for miles with no sign of activity with the exception of cows and sheep grazing in separated areas. Each piece of land was segregated off with six foot wooden fences and a different colour flag to signify the farmer it belonged too.
Jest’s favourite area was the bluebell field to the left of the grazing area. They stood three feet tall, were vibrant and wonderful. He could recall the days spent wading through it with Fer, trespassing the farmer’s lands as it was the quickest route through. A lot had changed over the years, much for the worst, but there was still the view, and soon that would change. The farmers had already neglected their property and their cattle, they were of no use anymore.
Jest looked down at his sister and a pang hit his stomach. Fer was two years his junior but she sat on the grassy hill a grown woman. She would always be a little girl in his eyes, naive and optimistic, with the daisy chains she continued to braid in her hair and the dresses she wore even on a gloomy day.
“This I can love,” Jest said pointing out towards the beautiful fields.
“You, I can love. We are bonded by blood, we have been together since you were born, but a stranger, a friend, an acquaintance or someone that warms my bed, I cannot. There is nothing natural about loving someone and giving them your heart and soul, only for it to be lost so easily. That is stupidity.
“Life is about survival. We eat, drink, run, hide, sleep and wake. We repeat. That is all relatable as we do it on a daily basis. Love is intangible, that what makes me suspicious.”

We’ve done happy positive stuff, so tell us, what’s the most difficult part of this project?
So far the ending has been difficult. I needed to finish it off spectacularly as the build up seemed quite immense. I wanted to finish it off correctly and with the right characters in the right place. It’s been enjoyable to write but needed to work harder on this part than the rest.

What do you feel is the weakest point of this project?
At the moment, the setting of certain elements of it. I need to go back and sharpen it up like a pencil. 

Now what’s the strongest point?

The characters and the development of them. Something I think, fingers crossed, I got right straight off the bat.

Who will this project appeal to?

Everyone! Everyone will love it. That would be a real stretch even for the most optimistic writer in the world.

I think YA readers, dystopian lovers and others that enjoy science fiction and fantasy. It has hints of horror and romance thrown in but too much of that could have easily upset the balance. That’s the core audience I will be looking for but would wish for anyone to take a read or even the first three chapters to see if they would like the build up. 

What are your plans for this project?

My plans will be to release it in March at some point and self publish using Amazon. 

Which project/s will you work on next?

I will take a short break but look into writing the Novella along with the second book in the Siblings story.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and hope you found it insightful. Please share the questions freely and let me know if you do complete them. I love to find out more about each person. Find me on Twitter @nobodyetall


8 thoughts on “Work in progress Wednesday

  1. Private Young sounds like an interesting and fun character to both read and write. That was a great excerpt too, you packed in so much setting and emotion! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing how everything progresses 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You already know the excitement I have about The Sibling novel! Private Young intrigues me and I love learning more and more about him.
    Your answers to all of the questions were great and the excerpt was fantastic.
    I am now VERY curious about the novella and am trying to go over your stories in my mind in an attempt to figure out which one it is :p

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know what you mean! Since I’ve missed my posts, I’ve felt that it’s been weeks since I posted even though it’s been a few days!
    I’m interested to learn about this ‘secret’ novella 🙂
    Private Young intrigues me quite a bit! I love how small characters can sometimes appear and then become so much more important than you imagined they ever would be.
    Your excerpt is gorgeous. Just a brilliant piece of writing and I cannot wait to read even more!
    Endings can be the toughest. You want to do your story justice after taking readers through the journey.
    Best of luck hitting that March publication! I hope it works out 🙂
    Until then, you have all the support I can offer!


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