Word of the week

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and a good start to the week! I have started to break things up a bit and have Word of the Week on Monday and Song of the Week on Tuesday.

My word of the week is….


I think this is appropriate for many of us. The definition if you haven’t come across this word before (I am new to this) is the appearance of being true or real! 

We all strive, sometimes depending on the genre, to bring the stories to life. To show realism be it in characters, settings, emotions and actions. It can be hard to keep it all real but there is where revisions can help.

So if you had Boris who did not like any cheese in Act One and no reference was made to change this but then ate a cheese platter in the final act it wouldn’t fit right. 

There are so many examples that can be used but I am pretty sure we all know what to look out for. So when we are editing or beta reading and looking out for these trends, we are making sure the stories have verisimilitude. 

I hope this gave you insight into another word. Thank you for reading! 


6 thoughts on “Word of the week

  1. You probably won’t believe this but…I looked this word up last week as I was reading. I’d come across it before (a couple of times if I’m being honest, since I was rereading the book I’d originally discovered it in :p) and felt like a kinda had a grasp on the meaning based on what I was able to draw upon from the surrounding text, but had never taken the time to look up the actual meaning. I was reading on my e-reader and was able to click on it to find the definition-gotta love technology. It’s a great word and I wonder why it doesn’t get used more.
    Great post as usual. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Oh wow that’s amazing. It to pop up a few times like that and then bam I mention it here! It is a great word and want to use it more now after finding it. Let’s plague the world with this word!
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  2. My vocabulary just expanded by one word! (Goes to look up how to say the damn thing) And I think it’s imperative to stay “real” and “true” to yourself when writing. No one can write the way you do. Everyone has their unique edge. If not, we wouldn’t have a bagillion authors and writing styles. It’s an ART peeps. ART. So I’ll go forward with this word (looks it up again to make sure she’s saying it right)–verisimilitude. SEE! I just totally wrote it………okay, fine, I copied and pasted it, sue me!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Your words are very true and yes we must be honest with ourselves when we write. It definitely is an Art!
      It took me awhile to repeat the word over and over, and I’m still trying. I hope you had better luck!
      You copied and pasted it? Nooo! You would never see me do such a thing *cough cough*


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