Joys of life – A Story

I did not know what to do for Friday’s post. I was either planning a Haiku or a short story post and ended up settling for a short 100 word story. I wrote it without the word count in my mind, but wanted to shine away from the darkness that can be life.

I want to start of acknowledging a few key things that have happened which many or all are aware of. We have lost two famous great people in one week and another the week or so before. 

I remember seeing Motรถrhead play in London many years ago, and their music was loud and awesome. They played a truly amazing set and it was an honour to see them live. Lemmy was an exceptional individual and will be dearly missed by many.

David Bowie was an amazing talent. I must admit I have not heard much by him (please don’t scoff at me) but my close friend was a loyal supporter throughout and has filled me in on all what I have been missing out on. I know him best for his Christmas song with Bing Cosby and always enjoy it. Another one that is missed.

Then yesterday the news came in about Alan Rickman passing and my whole office stopped to acknowledge it. I remember seeing him first in Robin Hood and loathed his character but loved the actor. His role in Die Hard was sardonic and cool and of course he will also be remembered as Snape from Harry Potter which I adore. His scene with Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually cracks me up every single time. My personal favourite was his role as Metatron in Kevin Smith’s Dogma. If you haven’t seen that film I highly recommend it. A brilliant actor and person.

All three have gone way too early. We also cannot forget all the other exceptional people who we lose every day to cruel diseases or other ways life likes to get us down (two work colleagues I knew well passed away last year and was hard to process when it is so unexpected). Life can be hard and bitter. We make mistakes, stupid decisions or some find it in their best interest to cause harm to others. We only live once (depending on beliefs), so we should take the bull by the horns and ride it hard and fast as we can, enjoying the times family, friends and the many many many things life gives us as a treat (mine are books and writing to name a couple – if you hadn’t guessed).

So now to my story. I pictured a scene and let the words flow. I did not see fit to edit it so here it is – raw and rough.

                                 Joys of life 

Fireworks sprinkled down from above in an array of fluorescent colours, the sky a perfect backdrop. All ages danced, couples cuddled and kissed, safe within each other’s arms. They would drink wine and nibble on fresh fruit, the perfect accompaniment to a date under the stars. A bonfire blazed, fuelled by the stray liquids thrown on to the burning heap from the drunken souls of the party. A man with a guitar would strum, his voice a pleasant sound in the night. People would gather, and sway to every tune. Tonight, the joys of life overcame the bitterness of beyond.


8 thoughts on “Joys of life – A Story

  1. Your post was wonderful and uplifting. It has been a tough couple of weeks and hard loosing people who have been such big parts of our lives. Dogma is one of my favorite movies as well. Your story was beautifully written and brightened up my day. It left me smiling and feeling hopeful. Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute.

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  2. A beautiful post that truly hits home. Life is a precious gift and though we are often told and know that we should never take it for granted, too many of us fall into apathetic moods and do. Seeing lives cruelly taken reminds me that we have to dedicate ourselves each day to the people that we love and doing what we love. We are blessed with the time we are given. Thank you for sharing this moving blog and story. I am utterly grateful for getting the chance to know you through your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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