Let’s be crazy…..2016

 Let’s be crazy! I wanted to get 2016 started early with my blog so have pulled a Supplementary Saturday style post forward. Crazy eh? A bit random? That can be me. I won’t apologise as I wouldn’t mean it.

Over the last week I have thought of where I wanted 2016 to take me and in doing so I realised I had to change things around. This year I want to achieve many things in my life and made me come up with the following decisions. 

My blog


I planned to post more often than not. I am still willing to do so but needed breathing space for my Sibling Novel. So….here is the revised schedule –

Supplementary Saturday will be posted monthly. I did not see the benefits of updating on a weekly basis so therefore will cram a lot more in at the start of each month as a review of the previous one. So the next one will be in February. The layout won’t change much. 

For the first week of January I plan to take off from posting full stories or full posts. I need to catch up on my writing (Sibling novel, Prompts, short stories, future blog projects etc ). So this week will be more around Haiku posts and little bits that take my fancy. 

But from the week after the fun will start:

Sunday – Serial Sunday (The first story that will boost a series over the coming weeks)

Monday – Word of the week and Song of the week (My favourite words and music to inspire)

Wednesday – will write a story from a prompt and will include prompts to use. (Could be one of those things or both)

Friday – Haiku day or a short short short short story 

This means Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday will be free for spontaneous posts. 

Sibling Novel  

Readers of my blog will be aware that I am writing a novel about siblings caught up in traumatic events that have changed the world. 

I plan to release this by late March so I will continue typing away until it is completed. I will update on a monthly basis and/or via tweets.  

Fun facts


I love Karaoke and will always participate where possible. My hits have included…

Still waiting by Sum 41
Achey Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus
Oh my god by Kaiser Chiefs

Most watched film at a weekend must have been Crank! It’s stupid, pointless but oh my it is amazing! Jason Statham is awesome.

An amazing song that inspired a future project…Monster by Imagine Dragons. Check it out.


Last year I failed to read as much as I wanted to. But this year…oh things will be read.

I would like to thank everyone who has inspired and supported me! It means a great deal. This writing business can be a lonely game, but together we can make everyone’s dream a reality. 

Here’s to a productive 2016. Let’s kick arse (or ass, a nod to my overseas friends) and drink some tea (when the crazy times need to be reminisced).



15 thoughts on “Let’s be crazy…..2016

  1. Sounds like you’ve got it all sorted and seems a good plan! I look forward to all you’re going to be doing in the upcoming year. Imagine Dragons is a wonderful group. Fun fact: They are one of the few bands I can listen to while I write, usually need silence. Also, Smoke + Mirrors was on constant repeat during NaNoWriMo.
    Agreed, tea is always a great way to step back, relax and reminisce.
    As I’m sure you don’t need it but…Good luck with everything!

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  2. Best of luck with all those goals, especially with Siblings! I hope that you find full success with that πŸ™‚ Also, Imagine Dragons is one of my favourite bands! They never cease to inspire with their drivings songs. Just like yourself: a constant motivator πŸ™‚

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  3. It sounds like you have a great plan here! I love Imagine Dragons, they’ve become my writing music too. It has a really good beat to keep things going, I forget how I stumbled across them but so glad that I did.

    You need a good cuppa to keep you going and have some down time, I need to have some more tea, I have too much coffee at the moment. It’s dreadfully un-English of me πŸ˜›

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  4. Looking forward to the launch of The Siblings novel!! You do what is best for you in regards to your blog, we’ll all be here rooting for you!! I’m having to seriously scale back. By the end of Jan, I will have just 2 regular posts. Like you, I need to focus on my W.I.P.

    Can I just say thanks for the Jason Statham picture! I loves him I do!!

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  5. I may have a problem but I love seeing people’s schedules. There’s something inspiring about seeing other people being organised and making lists.
    I’m excited for everything your blog has to offer this year, and I’m especially excited about your book! I have to ask – is the story related to the posts you did late last year, about Fer and her brother? It sounds similar, is all πŸ™‚ (and I apologise if I got Fer’s gender wrong, I have a terrible memory sometimes)
    I’ll second the part about the support, thank you for all of yours, and I’ll continue to cheer you on this year πŸ™‚

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    1. It is inspiring to read the outlines and plans writers have in place. Any time I see an article or interview around their writing style, their writing den or space etc I must read it. It is fun to see how different and similar we all can be.
      Yes, the three posts that I put up last year are the first three chapters of it. It had a story that would not leave me alone. It is amazing what a prompt can inspire. (Fer is the sister, so its okay πŸ˜‰ )
      Here’s to an amazing year for us all πŸ™‚


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