Sunday Serial -Evie

Hello people.

So Sunday is here again and the fourth instalment of Serial Sunday. Today is a short one but hope you like anyway. If you have not read the last three parts you can check them out over the last three Sunday’s.


Tension built up fast since that night in the park. Dreams dispersed, replaced with nightmares of a life more complicated than ever thought possible. Soon the two would need to converse, for the fate of the world depended on it. Evie was hard to break, her stubbornness ingrained in to her system and demeanour as cold as ice towards the Professor. They had not spoken a single word for days; Evie had spied on him once though, on a night sleep evaded her and the appetite for food too hard to ignore. She peeked through a crack of a door never opened before, as she headed for the kitchen and found Hokum performing an art form unknown to her. He wore nothing but black shorts, his body covered in scars and scratches, mementos of a man who had lived a thousand lives. A time would come when she would forgive him and allow the stories to be told. Evie was curious but it would have to wait. The longer she made him wait the longer she held the power, and in the long run it would be key. For Professor Hokum wasn’t the only one with a story to tell. 


Supplementary Saturday – Monthly Updates

Welcome to the monthly edition of the Supplementary Saturday post. This week will be looking at the overall month and what it has meant in particular for one certain story. 

I have spoken briefly around the Sibling novel, added information and hints. This month has been hectic for me in terms of objectives at work, busy home life and a need to relax. I set a goal to write at least 1,000 words a day until I had finished the Sibling first draft, be it using a computer, a tablet or the app on my phone Werdsmith. I tend to manage 1,000 words in half an hour to two, but can spread that over the whole day. 

I have managed to achieve that target and the word count up until last night for this month reached……



It has been a great month for writing and thoroughly enjoyable. The characters are a pleasure to write, minus for a few arseholes but we need those too. 

I am not yet finished. Still writing the last act and it’s been up and down emotional wise with the characters but I think I have an ending which will do it justice and lead in to the follow up novel. I have two to three to follow after as realised it has a much wider story connected.

I was hoping to have the first draft finished by the end of January but will be looking at the week after. Once the first draft is completed I’ll be taking a break from it and will allow it to marinate before editing and wil concentrate on reading for a time. 

I would like to thank everyone who has offered support, guidance and humour my way 🙂 You are all amazing. 

Thank you all for the kind comments on The Professor Hokum – Serial Sunday. That will continue tomorrow. 

I have been tagged with answering some questions and wil look to do that over the next week or so. But before I head off, I do have a few questions for my lovely and talented readers out there. 

When it comes to writing or reading, what are your preferred choices? 

Tea or coffee? If so, what type? Loose or tea bags? Coffee pods or cafetière?

I prefer a large tea, usually Tea Bags or a cafetière. I like my tea strong with little milk and a strong black coffee. Dolce Gusto Grande pods are great along with Whittards loose coffee.

Biscuits! I love biscuits. I have cut down on my intake and have lost over six pound in weight so far this year – I will keep going. But what are your favourite biscuits snacks?

I love chocolate Bourbon biscuits. I can rarely ever say no to a ginger biscuit, party ring, jammy dodger or chocolate chip cookie. I love biscuits. If you don’t like biscuits, what’s your choice?

Chair, sofa or bed? Where do you like to read/write?

I write a lot of these posts in bed. I do prefer writing on the sofa or my spacious chair in the living room, tucked up with a drink and a duvet or blanket. Where an animal gets nosy and inquires what I am doing before heading back to my wife, it’s nice to have a cuddle with them.



Who else when the weather is nice likes to take a walk with a picnic and a good book, find a cosy spot and spend time reading?

I do! I do! I do! Can get lost for hours doing that.  

Do you mind music or television on in the background?

I get lost in the moment with background noise. I could be listening to a playlist and when I finally lift my head up from writing I find that I had not heard the last fifteen songs. I don’t mind things happening in the background as i find the more silent the room, the less I can concentrate. Unless it is loud eating or any other annoying noise, I’ll be fine.

Please let me know the answers to those questions (don’t worry I won’t force you) as it would be nice to know others likes. 

Thank you for reading this Supplementary Saturday. I will keep everyone posted on the first draft and please keep an eye out for Serial Sunday.

Before I leave, I will leave with an excerpt. It is raw and unedited but it will introduce you to a character that I have not mentioned in my posts prior. 

It was hot. Not the kind that people used to complain about when the weather in England reached over thirty degrees. It was skin sizzling, dehydrating hot. Any longer out in the heat, and Private Young would have passed out. He was bordering on it when he got relieved of his duty. 

Young bumped fists with the colleague in passing; enthralled by the prospect of a cold shower and a decent sleep. He had no kinship with the other soldiers and had never learnt their names. He had no time for them or any interest in socialising. That could lead to sympathetic stories being shared and their previous lives and loves brought to reality. Private Young could not risk that; even if the temptation to converse was there, his mission would not allow it.

He slid between the large open gates and closed them once inside the land that had been known as London. His uniform clung to his skin, sweat dripping from his brow and splashing against the dry soil. In a matter of seconds, the water had evaporated.

I’m going now to listen to some music, do some writing and relax. Have a great day all.


All written work and photos the property of the Hyperactivepandemonium author. 

The Siblings – Keep me in your heart for awhile 

This is an impromptu post. It came to me whilst in bed late at night, and as usual, when I can’t sleep I listen to songs and find it calming. 

I am coming to the culmination of the first draft of the Sibling Story. I have built a bond with the central characters; some I love, some I loathe and others that surprise me on a day to day basis. The last part of the story I am currently writing and finding it difficult to come terms with how things must end. It needs to be that way to progress the story along in to the next part. 

I found myself flicking through songs that I enjoy and looked up the video for Keep me in your heart for awhile by Warren Zevon. He was a brilliant singer and wrote the song as a kind of farewell when he found out he was terminally ill and it was the last song on his final album. It has been used in at least one tv show before and liked it instantly when I heard it then.

Listening to it over I realised it would be fitting for the climax of the Siblings for certain  characters involved. So found this opportunity to introduce you to the sound of Warren Zevon if you hadn’t heard him before and also to show you where I am at this point of the story. I am looking forward to finishing the first draft and editing, but also will be taking a short rest after the first draft is written. I will give an update on Saturday. The lyrics are below and it is worth a listen. 

             Keep me in your heart for awhile

Shadows are falling and I’m running out of breath
Keep me in your heart for awhile

If I leave you it doesn’t mean I love you any less
Keep me in your heart for awhile

When you get up in the morning and you see that crazy sun
Keep me in your heart for awhile

There’s a train leaving nightly called when all is said and done
Keep me in your heart for awhile

Keep me in your heart for awhile
Keep me in your heart for awhile

Sometimes when you’re doing simple things around the house
Maybe you’ll think of me and smile
You know I’m tied to you like the buttons on your blouse
Keep me in your heart for awhile

Hold me in your thoughts, take me to your dreams
Touch me as I fall into view
When the winter comes keep the fires lit

And I will be right next to you
Engine driver’s headed north to Pleasant Stream

Keep me in your heart for awhile
These wheels keep turning but they’re running out of steam

Keep me in your heart for awhile
Keep me in your heart for awhile
Keep me in your heart for awhile
Keep me in your heart for awhile

Happy Playlist – Part One

 Good day fine people!

Just a short post this week and would like to offer a playlist of just some of the songs that make me happy and have been inspiring and motivating me this year so far. They are a mixture of old and more recent songs that have been aiding me with my writing. There are some that have definitely helped me with ideas for my second book idea where others are nice distractions. 

Who knows when I will issue Part Two but in the future there will be one. If you haven’t heard some or any of the songs before I highly recommend them.


2/ Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

3/ Nostalgia by Patrick Stump

4/ Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song) by Warren Zevon

5/ Let your heart hold fast by Fort Atlantic

6/ Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

7/ London Queen by Charli XCX

8/ She lied to the FBI by Alkaline Trio

9/ Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever by Alice Cooper

10/ Life is Beautiful by Sixx A.M

11/ Monster by Imagine Dragons

12/ Hate my life by Theory of a Deadman

Sunday Serial: Professor Hokum – Newborn

Hi all. I hope everyone is or will have a lovely Sunday. The weekend is going by fast and as sleep usually does and evades me, I thought I would post this earlier than usual in the morning.

This week has been busy with hectic work schedules and writing the Sibling novel. I’m finally in the last act and bringing everything to a close in the first draft. There will be more of an update next Saturday. The posts on my blog may not have a real structure into the first draft is finished. But the Sunday post are guarantees unless something major happens.

This post is all about the Professor Hokum story. I left in on a cliffhanger last week so thought I would make this one slightly longer and go in to more detail. If you haven’t done so already it is worth checking out the last two Sunday posts to make sense of what is happening. 

                    Professor Hokum – Newborn

Professor Hokum watched on as Evie stroked the stake with a delicate touch and eyed it with curiosity. 

“This is my destiny? What am I going to do with this? Kill a vampire or something?” Evie chuckled as she thrusted the weapon back to him.

Professor Hokum held his hands up and smiled. “It is not mine anymore. That is for you, and tonight on our walk, you will need it.”

Evie slumped her shoulders and held the stake to her side. “I just started to think you was alright, old man. Now I think you are just weird.”

Professor Hokum ignored her as he collected his violet robe from the coat horse. “Wrap up in some of the clothes I bought. You will need them.”

Evie had protested about going out in the dark as she was still nervous of it. Professor Hokum had assured her that everything would be okay as long as she stayed by his side. That comment prompted the young girl to laugh and retort with a witty remark about him just being an old man. It made Professor Hokum smile too. If only she knew.

Half an hour later they were out the door and heading towards the park. The night had set in and the sky was starless and pitch black. Professor Hokum was wrapped up in his violet robe, his long greying hair tied up and his goatee beard platted so that it wouldn’t blow in the wind. Evie had opted for skinny jeans, a top and a big grey hoody. She had concealed the stake Professor Hokum had persuaded her to take in the large pocket and she hid her face with the hood. 

They did not speak the entire fifteen minute walk; Professor Hokum keeping to the shadows and Evie stayed in the spotlight of the overhead lamps. When a rare person approached, she hid herself in the shadows close to the Professor. 

Once they reached the park entrance, Hokum gripped Evie by the elbow and led her down the path. There was no conversation between the two as they headed down the weaving path and towards a group of dark ominous conker trees.

“Make sure your hand is on the stake,” Professor Hokum whispered, knowing what to expect once they reached the destination.


“No questions. Just keep going.”

The night was becoming misty and thicker the further they walked. The park area was dimly lit by lamp posts but as the mist drifted over swings and slides it left an eerie presence. They reached the shadows of the conker trees close to the play area and Professor Hokum released his grip. Evie huddled up, her arms tight around her stomach as Professor Hokum let out a whistle and took a few steps back.

Rustling came from the fallen tree leaves and a second later two deformed men in full biker leathers emerged. Evie let out a gasp at their features and kept close to Hokum. The taller of the two had skin of a lizard but the face of a man and the shorter one resembled a hog with tusks formed at either side of his nose.

“Well, well, well,” the hog creature snorted eyeing the girl in the hood. 

“Ain’t seen you around in these parts for sometime,” the Lizard man said, directing his attention to Professor Hokum.

Hokum had never been fond of these turning up but knew they were nothing but street scum. They didn’t harm anyone apart from a few petty thefts and scaring the locals when it felt fit. Unfortunately for them, a lesson had to be taught that evening. 

“I must have been too busy reading or something,” Hokum responded with a grin.

The hog creature approached Evie who backed off further behind Professor Hokum. He waited until the hog got closer enough and raised the palm of his hand. “Don’t get any closer. I wouldn’t mess with her.”

The two creatures eyed her with suspicion and broke out in to laughter, tapping each other and laughing some more. Professor Hokum had enough at that point but used his willpower so he wouldn’t intervene just yet, choosing to step to the side and brought Evie into full view.

In a second, the creatures turned from jovial into sadistic beasts. There eyes were wide, froth built up at the side of their lips and claws extended from their fingers. They jumped towards Evie who fell back releasing her grip from the stake. 

Professor Hokum watched on as the lizard crawled towards her and the hog poised over.

“Evie, fight,” Professor Hokum demanded.

Evie squealed and through her sobs came incoherent ramblings. He had thought it would be too soon for her to fight but she needed to see to believe. Hokum stepped in, gripping the two by the collar and with the magnificent strength for an older gentleman threw them a few feet in the air and hard on to the floor. Evie’s hood had come loose and she was left staring in shock with her face streamed in tears.

He lifted up the stake, turned towards the creatures who were now standing and took a step forward. He gripped the lizard by the throat and rammed the stake into the neck of the hog who gurgled his last few breaths before dispersing into ashes. Hokum cocked his head to the side and snarled. “Tell the others to beware. The dark days will see the light. The newborn has risen, and her name is Evie.”

Hokum relinquished his grip and pushed the lizard back into the shadows. He loathed the lizards lifestyle but at the moment in time he was better alive than dead. 

Evie whimpered behind him and adjusted her hood back above her head. Hokum thrusted the stake into her hands which she begrudgingly accepted.

“You okay?

She nodded. 

“Good. That’s the first lesson taught. Never back down from a challenge no matter how unexpected it is.”

Hokum headed back towards the house not saying another word to Evie, allowing the events of the night to soak in. He needed to be strict with her, and at times he knew she would despise him. But it was worth it in the long run. It would take some doing but she would be ready for the greatest battle of her life.   


Friday Fun: Seven deadly sins

Hey all. So this is something from Holly and she is a talented individual that you must check out her blog.

This is something fun and thought I would like to have a go.

It’s Friday, so let’s have a bit of fun shall we? I’m sure you’re all familiar with the 7 deadly sins, we’re going to apply them to the thing that unites us – books! Tag in anyone you think would be interested in participating in this, and don’t forget to let me know so I can read!

Pride. Share a line or small scene that you’re really proud to have written. 

This is something I will add in my Saturday Supplementary post.

Envy. Tell us about the book you wish that’d you written. 

Not just one book but the first Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. It was brilliant!

Wrath. Tell us about a trope or cliche that makes you furious.

The dark brooding guy gets the girl. 

Gluttony. Tell us about a trope you just can’t get enough of.

I adore geeky characters and book nerds in stories. They a re a must have.

Lust. Tell us about a character you’d do unspeakable things to. 

Vin from the Mistborn trilogy. She is just amazing, strong and determined but also petite and delicate.
Sloth. Tell us about your favourite form of procrastination. 

Twitter and Pinterest.

Greed. Tell us which author’s top of your auto-buy list. 

Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson. They are brilliant with great descriptions! I am hooked from the first word and rarely disappointed.  

I’m tagging the talented writers:


Haiku Friday

 Hello all to a lovely cold Friday! 

I missed a Prompt post this week which I would like to clear up. For the next few weeks I will be working hard to complete the first draft of The Sibling novel and had to make priorities. So unfortunately the Prompt post bit the bullet. It will be back in the near future once I can be assured the novel is completed. The other posts will be still on time.

This week I have dedicated to Haikus as I have not done many in awhile. I have attempted to keep to a Romance theme as it is something I have thought of for awhile but could resist the dark and deadly too. Writing Haikus give me a source of inspiration and can often lead to stories.

                               Three Haikus

His heart in her hands,

To be trusted and cherished,

Now and forever.

Whispers and love bites,

Caressing and playful fun,

Engaged with passion

Evil was welcome,

In a town left in despair,

And Then he arrived