Hello… I got tagged into this by the awesome Holly and it would have been rude not to have accepted. 

Post 7 lines, from the 7th paragraph, on the 7th page or chapter of your work in progress.

A plump, haggard and disturbed looking woman walked down the stairs with an expression of disgust. Fer thanked the creator for not being placed with her. Gracious nodded towards Miss D but her expression never changed. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, she looked towards her group, arms folded and shook her head with disapproval. Fer feared for her fellow subjects.

If that is what the first group are getting, what are we in store for? Fer thought as she waited for the dreaded introduction.

“Gracious, would you please do me the honour of escorting your subjects to the west quarter in which they will reside,” Miss D requested.

If you wish to participate please do so. It is fun to do!


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