Misguided Angel

 The new year is nearly upon us. Are we all making resolutions and preparing to be better at things? Maybe? Maybe not? Let’s just enjoy the ride ๐Ÿ™‚
This post was inspired by a Cosplay picture I posted by @Saundersalannah a great artist and dabbles in poetry. Should really check out her thread.

I wrote this story and when I looked at the word count it was exactly 60 words. So why not post another short short short short story, I thought. I am not sure if I will expand on this in the future but there is every possibility I will. We shall see what the new year holds.

                              Misguided Angel

She walked through the broken land a beautiful creature but a battered soul. The trauma that had been dealt by years of conflict and unholy war, a reflection of the being she was now. She stood tall, black wings poised, as the city of Perfection burnt to a cinder behind her, leaving nothing but a shadow. The next task awaited.


All written work is the property of Hyperactivepandemonium


6 thoughts on “Misguided Angel

  1. What a treat! So beautifully rendered, your words evoke an image of grey darkness. I would love for you to expand this, though I know that you’re busy with many other ideas and projects. As always, it is an absolute joy to read your stories ๐Ÿ™‚

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