Supplementary Sunday

 Hi friends and newbies to the blog of me! This week is going to be a short one as there is not much to update about but will inform you of some changes. 

I would like to say a huge thank you for anyone who read the short short stories and provided comments. They were way beyond anything I was expecting and I deemed it a complete success!   

Fun Fact:

I once went bowling with red and blue hair to match the shoes they issued! I have had many other hair colours such as pink, green, purple and orange! 

Sibling story update 

This week my full time job got in the way of writing and had a less productive week. I managed 6,539!

It started all well on my day off of writing with over two thousand words but slowed down. I’m in a place where the Christmas festivities will take priority and will resume with the story in the year. Expect updates, but not amazing ones. In the new year I will have an update on when to expect this to be available to read! 

Excerpt: (Unedited)

The remains of the Tower of Hope played on Jest’s mind. As did the structure he currently inhabited. Darla escorted Jest back to the mess area with very little to say. There were so many questions that would not elicit much of a response so he allowed them to fester for the time being. Such as the burning question around pollution that he shoved to the back of the line. That one would be answered in due time. He was to be prepped for his induction first.

Next week

I have a fantasy week planned. I issued an agenda on Monday but it looks like things may be changed around. There will be four fantasy stories in which I hope you all enjoy!

Blog changes

In the new year, Supplementary Sunday will become supplementary Saturday! So I will give an update of Saturday to Friday’s activities. This will free up Sunday for Serial Sunday. 

I love television series, Psych, House, Greys anatomy, Castle, Elementary and the list goes on and on. I also love a good book series! So for the first thirteen Sunday’s I will write short stories that are all connected. I will then see how things are going with it and see if it deserves a renewal. I’m excited for this and look forward to starting it. 

I will be dedicating every Wednesday to prompts submitted by you the lovely readers. So please feel free to contact me and provide prompts!  

As always thank you all for reading 🙂 



6 thoughts on “Supplementary Sunday

  1. Well done on the word count. If you think over 6k is bad, don’t check out my post today haha. I think 6k is great with a full time job and life to get on with 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your new posts in the New Year. It all sounds so exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

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