First Wedding

 Good morning! I hope that all is well here. I’m slightly under the weather with the inability to speak, so luckily, this is all written!

So here is the penultimate story in the life of Sam and Jennifer. It’s closing to an end but doesn’t mean that it will end there; a story may never be truly finished.

                              First Wedding

They danced. And danced. The guests laughed and drank the night away, blending in to the background as Sam and Jennifer had eyes only for each other. Their lips touched, sealing a promise of a lifetime together, through the tough and the good. Nothing could put a downer on their wedding night, the darkening cloud of fate looming but not seen.

Tomorrow’s post: Last Christmas


7 thoughts on “First Wedding

  1. Beautiful. Another stunning installment, but so foreboding 😦 You’re going to break my heart tomorrow, aren’t you. I’ll definitely miss these shorts when they’re done, but they’ve been a joy to read in the meantime. And I love what you say about a story never being finished. Chapters close, but these characters live on, their lives full of potential for new tales πŸ™‚

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