First Night

 Half way through the week already and the story will soon come to an end. I would just like to thank the people who took their time out to read though the stories and provide comments. You all are fantastic!
                                First Night

Jennifer sat on her fiancé’s lap, head nuzzled against his neck with her eyes closed. She thought back to their first night together, dancing as strangers and wished for it all to start over. Sam stroked her hair but that made the tears flow more. His hands were gentle and lacked strength. His breathing slowed until there was little fight.


8 thoughts on “First Night

  1. I think it’s just where I am right now in my own life, but I have tears in my eyes right now. This is the best one so far — and that’s saying a lot because they’ve all been so brilliant! Another stunning installment. Your mastery with the written word is inspirational. What a talent you have, to be able to capture so much emotion in just 60 words! Thank you for sharing your gift 🙂

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  2. I cannot get this one out of my head. It’s so beautiful. Magnificent job of capturing the quiet intimacy between two lovers. They stories tell so much in so few words. The depth of emotion you’re able to create is extraordinary. I admire you and your creativity! Great job!

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